Just Funnin’

The weasely young guy whose fake ‘pimp’ video gave ACORN’s political enemies enough political cover to shut it down had a great new idea. He was going to lure a CNN reporter into an embarrassing situation– and then broadcast it. A kind of Republican ‘Candid Camera’.

Salon has coverage of James O’Keefe’s plan to use his masculine charm to seduce the reporter– and get even with her for using her ‘bleach blonde’ attributes to get the credibility that rightly belongs to him– at least that’s how he sees it. His plan, interestingly, was foiled by a woman who was supposed to be his assistant. She recognized crazy when she saw it.

The hate behind this plan to sexually humiliate a female journalist, and O’Keefe’s sense of grievance and right to get even is truly creepy. Kind of like a flasher who gets off on scaring and shocking women.

Is this the Young Republican hero?

Tracy Clark-Flory wonders whether O’Keefe was trying to fake CNN into running a faked sex scandal…

Maybe he wanted to trick [reporter, Abbie] Boudreau into believing she had happened upon a salacious story about another conservative with a sordid secret life just begging to be exposed. Given that O’Keefe sees CNN as wildly biased — which is funny, given that the network is “allergic to opinion to the point of occasional incoherence,” as Alex Pareene put it — it could be that he assumed Boudreau would run wild with the story and then O’Keefe would humiliate her by revealing it as a hoax.
The props seem too slapstick for that, though. I mean, fuzzy handcuffs and Alicia Keys? Is this a sex den or a 20-year-old’s bachelorette party? Also, please note that the list of props includes “an obvious sex tape machine” — you know, one of those crazy sex tape machines the perverts are always using. Maybe O’Keefe’s plan was simply to create an atmosphere of sexual humiliation — to coax Boudreau into an environment filled with sex toys and images of naked ladies — and then document her inevitable discomfort and embarrassment. All the while, O’Keefe makes over-the-top passes at her while she struggles to function in a professional capacity. (Boudreau reports there is also a lot of sexually explicit language in the planning memo that CNN has not yet released.)


Echidne of the Snakes has Abbie Boudreau’s comments.

CNN’s reporting on the incident reveals a seriously malicious focus on Abby Boudreau and an intention to ‘burden her career’. What is going on with these people?

51 thoughts on “Just Funnin’

  1. Voter fraud,entitlement fraud,miuse of public funds,and embezzelent,the latter actually a cvrime by the founders against the organization.
    Being outed by another offender is nothing new.
    Maybe they’re heroes to you,but I’m glad they are stopped for now.

  2. they had their problems– embezzelment and a few employees who submitted fradulent voter registrations. Those were revealed when they turned the names in to the board of elections. Many were flagged by ACORN itself.
    I think their real ‘crime’ was getting thousands of legit voter registrations. Luckily there are other organizations doing that.

  3. Look,if they are folk heroes to you,then so be it-I don’t want to change your mind.
    If someone is too dumb or lazy to get themselves registered to vote,they probably shouldn’t be voting since they more than likely won’t take the effort to educate themselves on the candidates and issues.
    This isn’t the old South circa 1958 or something.It takes little effort to register to vote.
    I personally believe a potential voter should be required to prove their citizenship,but of course I’m sure you’d object to that.Some states have that and it’s been upheld in the Supreme Court-after all,only citizens can vote-even legal resident aliens cannot.Federal law.
    I can’t understand how you folks who always want more restrictive gun laws imposed on citizens are unconcerned with the effect that non-citizens voting might have on the US.Or maybe not so unconcerned,because of assumptions they’ll vote “progressive”.

    1. Prove your citizenship? All ANY state must require, under any federal statute, is residency. Look it up yourself on the DOJ website.’You folks’ are willing to restrict voter rights by proof of citizenship but don’t want to require proof of gun ownership by license thereof.

    2. How ironic “observer” wants voters to be educated, yet in every comment of this thread, he proves his ignorance of the issues and Second Amendment. He think he can read the minds of Democrats, yet has no idea of what’s going on in his own pretty little head.

  4. The voter registration form in Rhode Island requires state issued ID and social security number,as well as proof of residency. you have to be a citizen to vote. that’s already the law. The penalties for false statements on voter registration include prison and deportation.
    specifically, what other kind of proof of citizenship do you think we should require? Maybe we should put a bar code on our right hand and forehead?
    and how difficult should we make it to register, so that the unworthy are weeded out? I get a patriotic buzz when I educate people about elections and voting, but maybe that information is not meant for the masses.
    The qualifications for citizenship include English proficiency but specifically say that having an accent does not count against you.
    Fun Fact- Puerto Ricans who live in the US can vote, they are already citizens.

    1. Yes,why don’t you educate me on Puerto Ricans White girl?My son and daughter are part Puerto Rican -my wife is half-so buzz off with the smarmy remark.
      I didn’t mention English proficiency-YOU did.
      Who are the “unworthy”?Again,your words,not mine.State issued ID and SS#’s are legally available to non-citizens.Oh,guess you didn’t know that?
      I would say you have tp produce one of the following:
      Birth Certificate
      Certificate of Citizenshp(look it up)
      Certificate of Naturalization
      US Consular citizen ID document(rare)
      Baptismal Certificate in lieu of Birth Certificate(mostly from the Southwest)
      US Passport
      Draconian?Racist?Or sensible?
      You still probably want gun owners bar coded.Over my dead body-literally.
      You are very smug without knowing that much.It doesn’t become you because you do a very admirable everyday job.

      1. With the exception of a US passport, any of the above mentioned documents are easily available to anyone for a price,online or otherwise. What would you say are the necessary documents needed to obtain a passport? Photo ID of some kind? Like a state issued driver’s license?

      2. What a Chicken Little Balls whiner. There is no evidence of massive undocumented alien voter fraud. There was also zero evidence that ACORN committed election fraud.

        However, there is massive nationwide evidence of Republican instigated election and voter fraud going back to at least the 2000 presidential election, which was indeed stolen! The most famous case of voter fraud is with Ann Coulter who registered and voted in two locations, but of course, she had the attorney and money to get herself off the hook, again. Now Karl Rover’s nonprofit (but really political) organizations are coming under fire from the IRS for violating federal laws. Then there are the many caging incidents, and the…

        Back to OKweef. If he is found guilty of breaking Maryland law for trying to illegally video Boudreau, he will be in violation of Louisiana probation, which waas the verdict he got for trying to wire tap a Democratic Senator’s phone. Personally, I would have prosecuted him for espionage. Isn’t the penalty for that crime a firing squad?

        At least both he and his partner in crime, Breitbart, should go to prison for at least 20 years, with father raping cellmates.

        We should film the action, and post the videos uncut, of course!

  5. I just wanted to mention that, as someone who writes about people who quietly try to do what’s right, the most interesting thing about this story to me is the assistant. I wonder what mental process she went through to move herself from being his partner to being willing to scuttle the whole enterprise.

    1. I wonder about that too. I have some Christian conservative activists in my family, and I could see one of them doing something like that. They do have principles, and perhaps the assistant found the combination of porn and misogyny was just too much for her to cooperate with.

  6. I hope you take this in the spirit of serious debate and not personal animosity.There really isn’t any because you’re about as much straight to it as I am,and that can create some sparks.

    1. You’re not “much straight”? Not that there’s anything wrong with it! But that does explain your fanatical support of OKweef. So, let the sparks fly!

      Are you secretly in love with OKweef or do just want to be another one of his conservative gay groupies who always votes against their own best interests?

      By the way, your so called “debate” is not very serious, relevant or rational.

      1. By the way,you’re a jerk and have no idea what you’re talking about.
        There was serious voter fraud involving illegal aliens in Chicago in 1982 and we sent people to prison for it.It was part of a larger general fraud operation.But you know sooo much more about the subject.There is absolutely no way to verify someone’s right to vote in RI.
        I don’t care much about O’Keefe,but even less about the opinion of an ignorant loudmouth like you.
        Now hurry,or you’ll be late for your moveon.org training.
        Oh yeah,the “gay” remark was wasted on me but it shows what a lowlife you are.

      2. For some reason, perhaps too many drugs and/or booze, “observer” thinks the year is 1982. Besides his blast from the past delusions, he enjoys making unsubstantiated accusations against Democrats, while ignoring the mountain of evidence proving ongoing, nationwide Republican election fraud. He is indeed a low life, Chicken Little Balls whiner.

  7. I can see you’re a mental case,but anyway,far from “whining’I just like to see the reaction the truth gets from people like you.
    If it was commonplace in 1982,how about now?
    In any event,putting illegal aliens aside,I find it a problem that in RI when one goes to vote,they ask your name and address and give you a ballot.No attempt at verification-anyone can walk in and give another person’s info.It’s not like the poll workers know who you are by sight.
    Anyway,if all you can do is froth at the mouth and call people you don’t know names,have a good time with it.You’ll be talking to yourself.

  8. Kmareka is a small site and all we have to distinguish ourselves is civility.
    You both have points to make. There’s no need to get personal, and your arguments are much stronger when you stick to the facts.
    Also, the name Katherine Harris is burned into my brain. Florida secretary of state in 2000. You can disinfranchise thousands with the stroke of a pen–why bother with the labor-intensive task of recruiting unqualified voters?

  9. Hey-guess what?I didn’t vote in 2000 and voted for a nonentity third party guy in 2004 because I couldn’t stand any of the four major candidates either time.So you’re going to cite katherine Harris?Okay,how about the thousands of military personnel who have been disenfranchised.You don’t wanna touch that one.
    The first time I voted I was in Vietnam and it seemed like I should vote even though I was kind of apolitical at the time.
    You did not respond at all when I pointed out the obvious loophole in the voter registration process here because resident aliens,refugees,and even some temporary visitors,like foreign students can obtain valid state ID and social security numbers.
    None of those people can legally vote.
    I’m not sure this is a huge problem in RI-I mean how would one know?We don’t even bother to check and make sure a voter isn’t impersonating someone else.
    It is harder to take out a library book.Does that make any sense,or are you so dedicated to community activism that the security of our system takes a distant second place?
    We had two very close elections this time around-Joe Almeida and Leon Tejada lost by 21 and 13 votes respectively.Ironiclly,both men opposed voter ID because they are “progressives”-I wonder if unauthorized voters swung the balance against them.And I’m not just referring to non-citizens here. Even people I oppose shouldn’t lose as a result of something like that.
    BTW if I had accused the other poster of being “gay”or called him “Chicken Little Balls” you’d have been all over me for it.
    I have been called a lot worse,so I don’t really give a damn.
    BTW the original Mayor Dailey of Chicago stole the 1960 election for Jack Kennedy.Chicago is just as bad today.
    Your hero Obama came out of that machine-his hands had to get at least a little dirty there.
    Illinois makes RI look like Sunnybrook Farm.
    Now,how about it?Is there a serious loophole in voter registration or not?

    1. Your the one not responding to any replies to the outright lies you are spewing. No one was arrested or convicted in Illinois, let alone Chicago, in either 1960 or 1982 for voter fraud or at anytime thereafter. The only documented time that service men were disenfranchised in a national election was when the Florida recount was stopped by the Supreme Court and they handed that clown Bush the election even though Gore won the popular vote. If you want fair and accurate vote counts, just look at how it was handled in Minnesota when Al Franken was elected Senator. A recount can’t be done on those Electronic voting machines without paper ballots. That’s real election fraud. Don’t worry so much about who votes but be very worried about who counts the vote. Who’d you vote for in the ‘Nam? Diep or Ngyuen?

  10. I’m not spewing lies,you ass-we charged the defendants with false claim to US citizenship(18USC911).I voted for Nixon.
    It figures you’d like a scumbag like Al Franken.
    It didnt take you long to change your name.

    1. What defendants? Name them; you can’t because there weren’t any. It figures you voted for that crook Tricky Dick, who was run out of office in shame. The same way his illegal policies forced us to slink out of Vietnam in shame. ‘Peace with honor.’My ass. Senator Franken has done more for the working people of Minnesota in his short time in office than all the Republican senators combined have for their constituents. What name change? You can’t even read a simple user name? More lies to go with those earlier lies. You still have yet to address any of the other questions or points I have put to your lies.

      1. Okay -Elizabeth Ayala Cuesta is one that comes to mind-she was one of a number of aliens who used forged or impersonator birth certificates to get voter registration cards to use as ID.She was one of the defendants who admitted voting.
        I’m not going to remember other specific from 28 years ago.
        You can call me a liar,but it seems to me you are a nothing but an impotently angry leftist turd-go dribble on your keyboard.

  11. I’m glad Rhode Island uses paper ballots. They are easy to fill out and a sample ballot is available at the state website,so voters can take their time considering.

    1. Of course,addressing the problem I explained to you is pretty difficult,isn’t it?
      Have a good time with your little circle of sycophants.

  12. Oh yeah,nitwit-it was LBJ who lid us into that war.I got over there a few days after the Chicago convention in 68 and I wasn’t voting for any damn Democrat.Screw you in your eyes.

  13. I think it’s time to pull back and return to civil conversation instead of phrases like “screw you” and namecalling. Please refrain from commenting if you are tempted to use abusive language or call people names.

    1. Then the other poster needs to refrain from saying that I spew lies.
      I don’t.who the hell is he(or she) that I need to lie to them about anything?Your partner “ninjanurse”obviously doesn’t like questions that challenge her do gooder mentality.

  14. Here’s some abusive language you AWESOME PEOPLE!!


    …sorry, I just couldn’t help it.

    Anyhow, I’ve been out the loop on this ACORN stuff and I was so excited to see that they no longer were an organization. I’ll tell you why. Back in 2001/2-ish I visited and ACORN sponsored lending forum at a church, no less. I thought “Gee, these ACORN folks seem to be trying help the little guy buy a house. I’m a little guy so this must be good.”

    Well, before I could speak to any of the would-be lenders I had to watch a (indoctrination) video basically telling me to join ACORN. The ACORN people were so pushy about asking me to join and almost didn’t allow me to visit the lenders.

    I don’t like organizations that do business like that and found ACORN to be that kind of sleaze and I’m not losing any sleep now that they are gone.

    I’m an advocate for the small guy, but when you coerce someone to joining your organization that’s wrong and unfortunately ACORN found itself in dicey situations time and again.

  15. Don, nice to have you drop by, not least of all because you always keep it clean.
    I’ve always said that ACORN had its problems, in fact, I didn’t especially like the local chapter, but many other organizations that get government funding have problems too. We haven’t closed Roger Williams Hospital despite the former CEO being in jail, nor should we.
    ACORN was falsely accused of promoting sex trafficking based on heavily edited tapes filmed by deception. Now that O’Keefe is not looking like a Boy Scout, maybe it’s time to question that kind of tactic.
    As far as voting, when we have about 40% of qualified voters actually making it to the polls, it’s time to ask what the obstacles are. If we have a serious local or nationwide problem of voter fraud, then supply the evidence and weigh the pros and cons of making it harder to cast your vote. I am much more worried about the kind of thing that happened in Florida, when voters came to the polls and were told they were on a felon list and denied the vote. That kind of ‘mistake’, and the danger of computer hacking in the absence of a paper ballot can rob thousands of their rights.
    I’m glad to vote in Rhode Island, paper ballot and my signature counts.

    1. So the fact that someone can come into a polling place if they know your name and address and vote in your place is no problem,right?
      I think you don’t care if voters are citizens or not.
      I think both major parties have operatives who engage in voter fraud,but you’re only concerned about the “right wing conspiracy”-the intimidation of voters by thugs from the New Black Panther Party has apparently been condoned by people in the Justice Department but there is a deafening silence from you on that.

  16. Thanks, Nancy. You guys over here always have me thinking and that’s the highest compliment I can pay you. I apologize for not being around more frequently, but as you know I’ve been busy. 😉

    When I voted this year and they didn’t ask for my id I thought it was a bit odd. But what really put the fear of God in me was if I was a smart person I’d truck in a few hundred people and wait until the last minutes before the polls closed and go to the polling locations and have them vote. Just give them names, addresses, and birth dates all available via the secretary of state’s office. And that’s really scary how easy it is to commit voter fraud in this state. I think you should be asked for your id at the time you vote just to validate who you say you are.

  17. Well, getting apolitical and just asking how we can ensure that the vote is not manipulated, it’s fair to ask questions and offer suggestions. We do have a secretary of state and he can be reached by email.
    This primary I was at the polling place on Chalkstone Ave. just before closing because I volunteered to get the poll results that are read out right after the machines print out a strip with the totals. Other volunteers were there– the purpose being to protect against fraud. It was totally winding down, and if a few hundred people had poured in the door right then it would have been very conspicuous. Even a few dozen would have been a surprise.
    We put our signature on the line when we vote, and that stays on the record.
    Have we had any cases of a voter showing up and being told they already voted? That would be something to investigate, especially since the handwriting would differ on the signature.
    I’m much more worried about the possibility of computer hacking. That’s one reason that poll watchers from all candidates were there to get the first numbers read off the machines.

    1. I was involved in a state rep primary this year-the candidate I was supporting won 60-40 and he has no opponent in th general.There was no shenanigans by either side as far as I could tell.
      I did bring up the Almeida and Tejada election losses by a hair.It’s precisely that kind of situation when the integrity of EVERY vote is significant.
      The Providence mayoral race,on the other hand,was so lopsided that only a paranoid fool could question it.

  18. EVERYBODY here is dancing around the issue of non-citizen voting,or at least the potential for it.If being concerned makes me a bigot all well and good.
    I guess some folks here think a “nation of laws” means jusst the ones they like.
    Don-at least you see the logic of the ID issue.

  19. Observer– if you have evidence of non-citizen voting here in Rhode Island then do call the secretary of state’s office. There are very severe penalties for that. The non-citizen must be very motivated.
    It’s easy to put fake information on a voting registration form, but the ss# then has to match or it won’t go through.
    And one little problem. Who is going to chase after all these ‘illegals’ and get them to go to the polls? How much will you have to bribe them to risk deportation? How can you be sure they’re voting for your guy?
    If the same person tries to vote more than once, they might get caught. The polls are not that busy, there’s lots of workers and poll watchers too. Sounds kind of like the razor blade in the Halloween apple. Very scary, but not an imminent danger.
    I’m very concerned about the kind of voter fraud that happens when computers make ‘mistakes’.

    1. You’re not entirely wrong-I didn’t exactly over emphasize the situation,but it is a real concern.
      Just think what legitimate immigrants have to go through to reach that position of voting legally.
      And let’s not ignore what American citizens can do to violate voting laws.Don’t you and I want a system that has integrity?

  20. Observer:
    personally believe a potential voter should be required to prove their citizenship,but of course I’m sure you’d object to that.Some states have that and it’s been upheld in the Supreme Court-after all,only citizens can vote-even legal resident aliens cannot.Federal law.
    Here’s the facts to refute that lie. Anyone that follows these rules can vote.Section 303 (b) of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) sets forth requirements for some voters to provide ID to vote.
    If a voter registers to vote in a county on or after January 1, 2003, the registration is by mail, and the voter has not previously voted in that county, then the voter must either provide ID when he or she registers or provide ID when he or she votes.
    Section 303 (b) (2) specifies the ID requirements for voters who vote in person or by absentee ballot.“In person” voters must show”current and valid photo identification” or “a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows the name and address of the voter.”“Absentee voters” must submit with their ballot one of the documents listed above.
    There was serious voter fraud involving illegal aliens in Chicago in 1982 and we sent people to prison for it. I’m not spewing lies,you ass-we charged the defendants with false claim to US citizenship(18USC911)

    Another lie as you cannot site any case either in federal or state courts, that pertains to that election, in which anyone was convicted of being guilty of violating the statute you cite. A Grand Jury that was convened did generate a report that said there was massive voter fraud, but no one went to prison.

    Okay -Elizabeth Ayala Cuesta is one that comes to mind-she was one of a number of aliens who used forged or impersonator birth certificates to get voter registration cards to use as ID.She was one of the defendants who admitted voting. I’m not spewing lies,you ass-we charged the defendants with false claim to US citizenship(18USC911).

    I certainly couldn’t find that name listed as a defendant in any case law. Got a link?

    Oh yeah,nitwit-it was LBJ who lid (sic)us into that war.I got over there a few days after the Chicago convention in 68 and I wasn’t voting for any damn Democrat.Screw you in your eyes.

    Actually Kennedy was already sending soldiers and airmen over to the ‘Nam as ‘advisors’,who were fighting and dying in combat. LBJ used the totally bogus Gulf of Tonkien ‘incident’ to lie to Congress to escalate the war. So that’s another lie. Anyway, did you ever vote for any Republican after they lead us into more stupid wars? Or does that only apply when you’re put in harm’s way?

    just look at how it was handled in Minnesota when Al Franken was elected Senator.

    It figures you’d like a scumbag like Al Franken.

    At that point I hadn’t said I liked Senator Franken. So there’s yet another of the lies that you continue to spew. I would hazard to guess at this time that it would be fairly easy to obtain an indictment of you in front of a Grand Jury for fraud. Whereas, you would be hard put to convince them that I am any of the meaningless epithets that you have tried in vain to label me with. So you might want to try observing more and lying less.

    1. I like the way you call it “the Nam”-were you there?If so-dates and unit or else shut the hell up.
      I’m 60% disabled and I’d love a chance to blow my nose on your lunch.

  21. This is clearly a hot topic. Let’s stick to the issues, because the issues are important and Observer and Idendoit– no more ‘screw you’ okay? You both have real points to make and you don’t need to do that. Also, it bothers me.
    I just put up a post about ACORN, waiting to hear how wrong I am about everything.

  22. I’m actually less concerned about non citizen voting to be honest. I think most people who aren’t citizens understand that they cannot vote and so don’t even think about voting. Unless a party boss or union boss instructed workers who were non citizens to a) register to vote 30 days befor an election and then b) get them out to vote all the while getting through our system while its possible and probably does occur here and there, i don’t think it’s happening often enough for it to have a material impact on elections.

    And I also think non-citizens just don’t even think to vote because they know they aren’t citizens. I spoke to about 4 non-citizens today from 4 different countries and common among them all was to let me know they couldn’t vote.

    But, with groups like ACORN I can see them trying to get these people to vote illegally in order to swing elections. I really did not like ACORN at all and wouldn’t put anything pass them. But everyday non-citizens have too much respect for the voting process to try to do that, imo.

    1. As i said elsewhere here,most of the illegal aliens we arrested for registering in Chicago were trying to obtain valid ID by using false or impostor ID as a basis-“trading up” so to speak.The motive was to have good ID to present for obatining work aand driver’s lienses.
      We also arrested 21 employees of the Illinois Secretary of State’s Department for willfully issuing licenses to illegal aliens for money under the table.Thirteen driving schools were also shut down-this in January of 1981.The case agent’s name was Hipolito Acosta.
      the Chcago voter fraud investigation was initiated by Roberta Baskin of ABC and subsequently picked up by the FBI and INS as a joint investigation.
      Now,I dare the nitwit(or two)to call me liar.

      1. I should explain that in Illinois the “registry” function for motor vehicles is under the Secretary of State.

  23. I think that voter fraud is real, but recruiting individuals to register falsely and ensure that they actually go to the polls, or someone goes multiple times and doesn’t get caught– it would be huge money and effort for little return. Also there are severe penalties.
    Imagine going to vote and being told that you are barred because you are a felon. How do you prove you are not? This happened in Florida in 2000. Katherine Harris, a secretary of state who was openly supporting the GOP, hired a firm to make a ‘felon list’ and then barred voters, many of them African-American, if their name matched her list. They were guilty till proved innocent, and paid the price–no vote.
    Gerrymandering districts, creating long waits at crowded polls, computer hacking– these are much more efficient than recruiting street people or undocumented people.

    1. Idendoit calls ME a liar and subject to indictment for something I said on a blog and you take him seriously?
      I arrested Ms.Cuesta in Romeoville,IL.
      The other agent who was with me that day is deceased.
      I only remember her name because she wasn’t a bad egg,just a little bizarre.
      We got to her house with a warrant,but she was at a wake,and her family invited us in,and eventually about 15 of her relatives were there by the time she showed up.When we told her she was busted,she said,”I ain’t going anywhere” and things picked up a little-she then realized that some people were going to get hurt or worse for no good reason and said “f— it,let’s go”.So it all was anticlimactic in the end.I wasn’t looking to dump someone over a fraud case,but neither of us was going to get bum rushed by a football team worth of folks either.
      It wasn’t some grand scheme-just that a lot of people wanted voter ID so they could get a job because a lot of factories checked for Immigraton documents even before it was required.They didn’t want to lose production from getting raided.
      Idintdoit-I hope you find a brain that works.
      I noticed that RI allows convicted felons to vote now,
      My daughter in law is a convicted felon on a long suspended sentence-she didn’t think she could vote- I told her she could and she said -“why should I?” My son refuses to vote because he thinks the government sucks.He’s not in the Tea Party either-he actually has no idea who they are.
      Talk about gerrymanding-kennedy had his district changed so he could get re-elected more easily.He used to be my “neighbor”(I never saw the punk once)and he got the district boundaries changed when he moved to Portsmouth.Nothing wrong there Nancy,right?
      I really like to piss off these feckless leftists and make them spew accusations and threats-it makes my day.

  24. Well, I checked into that and in 2007 a referendum question asked if a felon released on parole should be allowed to vote and the majority said yes.
    I’m not terribly afraid that a felon-on-parole voting block will take over. Who can ensure they will all vote the same?
    I think that Buddy Cianci inspired some legislation against felons holding office.

    1. I had no problem with convicted felons voting,EXCEPT for parolees,and the reason is simply that parole,unlike probation or a suspended sentence,is actually a continuation of custodial control without actual physical confinement and I don’t believe a person who is still technically an inmate should vote.
      I don’t think that is an unreasonable point of view.

  25. Boy, did O’Keefe ever overreach.
    Sounds like his head got a little swollen with all the acclaim he got for taking down ACORN. He was obviously playing to the Limbaughs, Becks and Palins of the world who saw them as their own Michael Moore. Too bad it all backfired on the poor frat boy.
    Say what you want about Moore, but he never tried to sexually exploit the targets of his works. Sad to say, ACORN’s day in court came a little too late.

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