Is This a Hoax?

You have to watch out these days, so much of that going on. Anyway, Talking Points Memo reports that in Canadian supermarkets Campbells Soup is selling Halal versions of such favorites as Vegetarian Vegetable (sounds pretty safe). Apparently, a vocal corner of the net thinks that Campbell’s attempt to sell soup to observant Muslims should make us very afraid, or indignant, or at least sarcastic.

Halal is similar to Kosher– food that is prepared according to religious dietary laws. I remember Oscar-Meyer had a cute ad campaign around that. Maybe reports of bloggers rising to the canned soup menace are highly exaggerated– would someone do that just to get blog hits? Say it ain’t so.

After the TPM coverage of the ‘outrage in a can’ the comments are a good laugh. People who don’t even like Campbells soup are going to run out and buy some and donate it to their local food pantry.

God Bless America, and Canada, and Rhode Island where you can buy bagels and felafel on the same block.

I’m working on a conspiracy theory regarding chocolate Easter bunnies, but I’ve got to go to work now, more later.

One thought on “Is This a Hoax?

  1. This is silly.Who cares?It’s not a big deal to let people know that the food won’t violate their religious practices.
    The kosher symbol has been around for years,because a small percentage of Jews,who are maybe 2% of the population,won’t buy food items without it.
    Most of us just ignore it-I’m more interested in the sodium and fat content.
    Canned soup has a horrible excess of sodium in most cases.
    I saw “halal” Chinese restaurants in NYC-that’s gotta be a hard task.

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