That’ll Show ‘Em

One of those well-funded, innocuous-sounding advocacy organizations that has sprung up like weeds, especially since Citizens United, bought a hunk of time on Univision, a Spanish-language cable TV station. ‘Latinos for Reform’, a Republican group spent almost a million dollars in commericals. They urged Hispanic-Americans to make a show of strength by staying home on election day.

They say that neither party has solved the immigration problem, so it’s time to take a stand by staying home and keeping quiet.

They could have said, ‘vote Republican’ if their candidates had more appeal, but that’s a tough sell, even for an Asian-American like Sharron Angle.

Anyway, Univision is pulling the ads, maybe thinking that ‘don’t vote’ is a message that will come back on them when they’re painting themselves as community-minded.

6 thoughts on “That’ll Show ‘Em

  1. Stupid ad.They should’ve tried to tap into the large number of conservative Hispanics in this country who do not support amnesty and are socially conservative.
    You try not to admit they exist,but Rhode Island isn’t the best place to find them.
    They do exist,and in substantial numbers.
    I’m related to some and have met many others.This little state is cursed with ethnic pimps who literally threaten their “own” who don’t follow the party line.

  2. If you can find anything I wrote that said the Hispanic vote is a solid block, or even that every American who puts ‘Hispanic’ on the census form comes from the same background or experience I’ll apologize right now.
    When a GOP group has to resort to begging people not to vote it looks pretty bad, even some Republicans condemned that ad.
    It’s not nice to call people pimps just because you dislike their politics. Which politicians are you talking about, and which legislation?

    1. I know personally of a leading community figure(not a politician)who called an Hispanic and told the person they were “forbidden” to attend an event where the pro-amnesty party line wasn’t being followed.
      I am not using names because the individual did not say they wanted this made public and I will respect their privacy.
      But I will give you an example of ethnic pimps in the GA-Pichardo and Diaz.They revved up a vicious racist attack on a Black man who was a respected educator in Providence-Mr.Perkins over an alleged incident of “disrespecting” the Dominican flag when the incident had nothing to do with prejudice-just kids running wild.
      My daughter,who is half Hispanic,taught at thet school,and said Mr.Perkins was one of the best people she ever worked for.He is also married to a Puerto Rican and his brother in law is Dominican.He got portrayed as a virtual Klansman by these two bums.
      The NAACP was uncharacteristically silent.I guess he didn’t pay his dues to Cliff Monteiro’s club.
      Monteiro will find out just how much influence he has on November 3,when the state name change goes down with a 90-10 vote.
      That’s my opinion,and you asked for specifics,so there it is.
      I only wish you’d give me an honest answer when I throw a hard question at you.
      BTW as I said,I think the ad was stupid beyond words.Telling people to stay home is to deny them respect for their being able to make independent decisions.

  3. And what’s up with Sharron Angle saying she’s been called Asian-American? By who? I’m really curious.

  4. In her dreams.I’d have much rather seen a more mainstream Republican candidate because then Reid would have been steamrollered-as it is,if I lived in Nevada,I’d vote for her just to get rid of Reid and create a potentially bitter fight within the Democratic Party to replace him,pitting reasonable Dems like Tester and Johnson against the NYC and San Francisco brunch crowd.
    I believe in giving honest answers,so since you asked,I’m telling you.
    Angle’s dingbat ideas will never get out of committee even with a Republican majority.
    Anyway,we need a few nuts to counter balance people like Boxer and Franken.

  5. FWIW “klaus” mentioned recent shootings by right wing extremists- I asked for specifics and “klaus’ seems to have dropped off ther radar.
    He is a liar.

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