Tears of Aqua Buddha

My first impression of the Rand Paul college prank was that it was kind of nasty and bullying to tie up a fellow student and then tell her to be a good sport, but I’m not objective. I don’t like him.

Today I was making early visits with WRNI on the radio and they played Jack Conway’s commercial and Rand Paul’s counter-commercial. I’m only a simple Pagan, but I think after the election both of them had better go to confession for taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Jack Conway’s commercial doesn’t ask the real question– whether Paul had a convenient conversion when he decided to run for office. Instead, it implies that he’s guilty of disrespecting Jesus and maybe has occult connections. This is the same kind of mud that can get thrown at anyone who isn’t publicly pious enough.

Paul’s rebuttal is a Dolly Parton-like female voice saying that Paul holds Jesus in his heart. Ew. What is Jesus– his human shield?

Shame on both of them for using religion to get votes.

I pray for a leader who will stand up and say that religion is a private matter of conscience, and that the record is public. A leader who respects the law and serves for the benefit of all people, without favoritism.

Instead we are inviting religion into politics and rewarding hypocrisy.

Incidentally, there are many American Buddhists who didn’t ask for their religion to be made into a joke, and if anyone has a right to take offense at Rand Paul, it’s them. A devout Buddhist or an honest atheist won’t be winning any elections this cycle.

3 thoughts on “Tears of Aqua Buddha

  1. You have a point-I’d be hard pressed to vote for either of them.
    Conway sounds like a political whore and Rand Paul lost me when he objected to the Civil Rights Act-that law corrected some seriously demented sh*t in this country.

  2. Why wouldn’t a Buddhist win an election?You are projecting victimization fantasies into the conversation.
    I have never once heard anyone demean Buddhists.

    1. Pete Stark is an avowed atheist and he has no problem getting elected.
      It doesn’t negate the fact that he is a complete scumbag.

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