Save Those Coats

If you love crowds and standing in long lines while spending money on stuff you’re not sure will make anyone happy while listening to singing chipmunks, then don’t read this post. Go to the Provicence Place Mall the day after Thanksgiving.

But if you’re a dour curmudgeon, or just contrary, November 26 is Buy Nothing Day. Right across the street, on the State House lawn, is the 14th annual Winter Coat Exchange. (in case of rain, St. John’s Cathedral will host). Bring a coat you don’t need, or get one you do need. Link to the event is here.

There are other coat exchanges around town, I’ll list them as I find out about them.


3 thoughts on “Save Those Coats

  1. You may find this hard to believe,and “klaus” will call me a liar,but my wife and I give people NEW coats around this time of year.We just don’t do events.
    No one should have to freeze their ass off in midwinter.We just don’t care to make a big deal of it.
    I’m NOT questioning your sincerity.

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