They’ll Outbreed Us

Truly, work is the curse of the blogging class, taking on a second job forces me to converse with carbon-based life forms in real time. But thank the gods that I can still do something in the material world, and get some bucks for it.

Kmareka Multinational, LLC strives to corner the market in the news before it happens–also recognizing trends. William Gibson, a fine author who writes what used to be called sci-fi, (but stuff happens so fast now, it’s now ‘speculative fiction’) has a book about that, called ‘Pattern Recognition’.

I’m a freelancer myself, part-time, per-diem and grateful to have the opportunity to somewhat control my schedule.

So, in an idle moment I picked up a glossy magazine called ‘LifeStyles’ and saw something alarming.

Celebrities are reproducing at an amazing rate.

Every page had a celebrity pregnancy or birth. They are breeding like rabbits.

They start young, and maintain their fecundity into middle age. They use surrogates and enlarge their families by adoption– traveling across the world to claim babies and sweep them into the celebrity world. How can ordinary people compete?

Soon they’ll outnumber us, and every random person you meet at the bus stop will latch on to your arm and start driveling on about their liposuction and time in rehab.

You won’t have to buy the ‘Globe’ or the ‘Star’. You’ll be wishing you could escape this globe and find a distant star with a planet where people talk about more interesting stuff.

Okay, I’m an elitist. One of those who should be sent to a re-education camp and forced to watch Sarah Palin’s reality show until I confess to whatever is demonized this week. But I’m not terribly fussy about what I read. My sister-in-law is a PhD in literature and she loves junk. I notice the Globe, they’re displayed in the checkout line that gets longer as workers are laid off. The Globe has it in for the President.

Is it just because he’s the Prez? I’m getting a sense of pattern recognition. There are deep messages in our language and culture. I suspect that all those celebrity baby stories send a message to us peasants. And a Prez who is not so old, not so white, is trying to turn around a very old and heavy ship, headed for the falls.

2 thoughts on “They’ll Outbreed Us

  1. What the hell is your problem with older White people?
    This president is not doing a good job, period.
    What(outside of this regressive sinkhole)did the country just tell him?
    You think people all of a sudden love the GOP?
    No.They realize this man has been pissing on his shoes for 2 years.He’s got no respect abroad and little more here.
    We should give him some rhythm bbecause he’s Black?
    You’re out of your mind.
    Not liking him or his policies doesn’t make someone a racist.If you think it does you’re full of it.
    I’m sorry for you with your crocodile tears and self hatred.What are you guilty of?Not much I’d bet,but you still are afraid to acknowledge the truth because it’s not “politically correct”.Wow.
    Now you have a kindred spirit as Governor-elect so at least you are still a little happy.

  2. What other president has had members of congress spreading rumors that he’s not a citizen? What’s up with that?

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