She Needs the Money

Wasn’t this supposed to be a heartwarming human interest story about a spunky elder who just can’t stay away from her WalMart family? Lois Speelman, age 100, was just doing her job of cheery greeting and scanning for shoplifters, when she was assaulted by a woman she asked for proof of purchase…

Speelman celebrated her 100th birthday at the store in August. She has been widowed twice and started her job as a greeter at the store when she was 90. She retired at age 95 but returned two years later, after her only living son died.

Speelman said she works five days a week. A spokeswoman for the store said at the time of her birthday that her co-workers are like family.

Speelman said Monday that her employers treat her well but that she works because she needs the money. She also said she’s had previous run-ins with customers.

“You get a lot of customers who are not out to hurt you, but they always give you a bad time,” she said.

Notice that it’s a spokeswoman for WalMart who says that Lois is just like family. Not like our families. This is a family where elderly stand in a drafty doorway challenging potential shoplifters.

Lois wasn’t born yesterday. She knows it’s a job.

I think Lois Speelman is really cool to keep on working, but these minimum-wage jobs are the toughest. How about a promotion for seniority?

5 thoughts on “She Needs the Money

  1. Have you asked yourself what kind of lowlife scumbag assaults a 100 year old person?Now is THAT someone who belongs in jail?

    1. If I were the judge I’d sentence the perp, who is a woman, to work as a WalMart greeter full time and send the paychecks to Lois Speelman. That would save us having to supply three squares and also teach her a lesson. And Lois could get some time off.

      1. Unpaid work-ok-it’s just that I am sickened by people who attack the helpless or frail.
        I’ve known some OLD people who could push your snotbox through the back of your head,but most elderly folks aren’t that able to defend themselves.

  2. She looks great for 100 — there is a picture if you click thru to the story. I hope Lois regales her workmates with stories of the times before electricity and indoor plumbing. I find it so interesting to talk to people about the what the world was like for them 80 or 90 years ago.

    1. You have to be of pretty good constitution to get to the 90’s or more.It shouldn’t be surprising that someone of 100 should look good.
      the people I knew who have lived that long generally didn’t eat processed foods.

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