Providence is Sort of Smart

I thought we would rank higher on the list of ‘brainiest cities in America’ but we’re only #113.

We have Brown, RISD, RIC, URI, PC and CCRI. But we also have over 10% unemployment, and a disgraceful high-school dropout rate.

So, the challenge for the incoming Mayor and Governor is to spread the smartness around, so that the education doesn’t just concentrate on college hill, but flows into the public pre-schools, elementary schools and high schools.

And let’s keep the Creative Capital. Body of Proof brought a good hunk of money into the state. They even used paintings by the fine Rhode Island artist, Kathy Hodge, as part of their set. I don’t mind having to detour around film crew trailers. I want to see the Cranston St. Armory lit up and occupied full time as a sound stage.

3 thoughts on “Providence is Sort of Smart

  1. Hey Nancy-we STILL have Classical High School.My daughter graduated from there and she and her fellow graduates have done pretty well by and large.
    My son attended Central where an assistant principal advised him to drop out,which he did and got a GED without ever attending a class.He learned on his own,but he’s found out since that maybe he did the wrong thing.
    Why does Classical function so well?Because you have to pass a test to get in.
    I went to a high school in Brooklyn that was like a minmum security prison.We had two cops assigned full time(and this was 1960-63!!)and stuff still happened,like a girl getting raped in a mop closet on her way to pick up her report card.We also had three warring gangs in the school,which resulted in at least two fatal incidents(both off school property),and fights were routine.
    In spite of that most of my fellow students turned out ok,including doctors and other professionals.We also produced some politicians.which I don’t consider a mark of success.

    1. Funny story:We had four color coded sections in the cafeteria,and the lunchroom teacher was a Mr.Zamichow who would bark into the microphone “Orange!!”etc until each section had sidestepped through the serving line.
      All through lunch he would harangue us with nice relaxing comments like”I am utterly appalled at what I see and hear in this cafeteria”and one day he said “I am sorely appalled….”and the whole room as one yelled out “utterly”.It was a pisser.
      Strangely enough when I had this teacher later on for English he turned out to be an absolutely great educator.He encouraged independent thought and expression-a regular Jekyll and Hyde!!

    2. good point, some of the smartest people are the high-school grads and the GED.
      the source for this post seems to rate ‘smartness’ by college degrees. whether that is a good measure is a topic for another day.

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