Go After the Worst First

Laura Flanders of Common Dreams has some suggestions for Interpol, since they have time to scoop Julian Assange for allegations of sexual assault.

They can call up the UN Human Rights Commission and maybe get some addresses in Congo and Chechnya and Iraq of generals and warlords they might want to talk to.

I’m not making any judgement on charges that should be sorted out in court, but it would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Violence against women is not an emergency, until it suits a political agenda.


5 thoughts on “Go After the Worst First

  1. You’re very wrong.I am a conservative and in my opinion a sexual assault against anybody is an emergency.It has exactly zero to do with my’agenda”.Hey,we all have agendas,but if someone who was with me 100% turned out to be a rapist or child molester,I’d 86 them in a heartbeat.
    Believe me or not,I don’t care.
    You are disappointing as a person when you do mental acrobatics to minimize the crimes against women by a Polanski or an Assange because you admire them for other reasons.
    I think you’re better than that.
    The generals and warlords you mention need a Hellfire missile up their rear end.
    I hope you’re not trying to include American generals in that category-I believe our military leaders are generally decent people trying to do a really crappy job.

  2. Geeze, I’ve been almost a stalker to Polanski– I’ve ranted about him so much people might think I’m obsessed.
    The charges against Assange should be dealt with in court, not in the media. I’m just pointing out that Assange is pursued because of Wikileaks, not because Interpol ran out of violent criminals.
    If Interpol wants to find Polanski they should read the Enquirer. Buy me a ticket to Paris and I’ll nab him.

    1. I think he’s in Switzerland.I know you don’t condone what Polanski did,but you have said we’re better off simply that he’s not here.
      I think he should rot in prison.

      1. I’d rather use my tax dollars locking up one of the dangerous locals than importing one from Europe.
        But I’m glad he knows that he’ll get scooped if he comes to the US.

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