Words Matter

Jack Shafer on Slate.com asks what’s wrong with a little change of terms, from ‘public option’ to ‘government option’?

I think it’s the pronunciation. From between clenched teeth Fox reports on the ‘gummint option’ that the ‘democrat party’ is trying to impose on all the good Americans who are proudly holding out until they are allowed into Medicare (don’t touch it!) and hoping they don’t stroke out first.

I mean, if everyone knows what you mean, what difference does it make how you say it?

Well, I’m off to give some gummint socialist health care to some feeble grannies who live on welfare social security. No offense, right?

5 thoughts on “Words Matter

  1. the basic problems with the public option were:
    (a)illegal aliens would be able to access because the Dems refused unequivocal language preventing that.
    (b)employers were given leeway to”dump” their employees on the public option,thereby overloading it.
    I am completely in favor of health insurance at an affordable price for people who are often referred to as “working poor”.
    BTW “Dream Act” has no provision for a criminal/terrorist background check for applicants;has a confidentiality clause protecting applicants from enforcement measures if they are found to be ineligible;and last,has no bar to “piggybacking” one’s family.
    Completely unacceptable.
    I’d like your honest opinion based on something other than emotion.

  2. My honest opinion is that there is no social good we can constuct that will screen out 100% of the undeserving– assuming we can even agree on who is undeserving.
    I’m unmoved by the argument that it’s better to leave millions of Americans uninsured than risk a few undocumented people getting medical care.
    It’s like saying we shouldn’t do highway construction because illegals will drive on them.
    I think that the sudden focus on ‘illegals’ is a tactic to distract us from the gaps and injustices in our social system.

    1. Okay-that’s half the answer and it’s arguable.
      What about my first point-the incentive for employers to avoid providing coverage in lieu of a small fine and then forcing teir employees onto the public option.

  3. I’ll ask a small business owner I know. The last thing I heard from them is that the rising cost of insurance is a drain on them and the employee co-pay is taking a huge chunk of the paycheck. This is the track we were on– not a change in direction.
    There’s supposed to be a tax benefit for employers.
    I heard that WalMart pushes its employees onto Medicaide, but I’ll have to verify that.

    1. I think a good idea would be to allow employers to form pools so that they could strike a better deal with the insurers,like the Federal government does,thereby providing reasonable premiums to their employees.Self employed people and very small businesses are screwed.
      Of course if I knew what the answer was,I wouldn’t be debating here,right?

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