DADT Repeal Passes in the Senate

It’s simple justice, it took too long, in a few years no one will even remember why we discharged people who wanted to serve just because they are gay.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is on its way out.

I hope they kept the addresses of the Arabic interpreters they kicked out at the height of the Iraq War. Please come back, your country needs you.

The Corner Tavern has a great post on the meaning of citizenship for Americans in the military.

6 thoughts on “DADT Repeal Passes in the Senate

  1. I should point out that I didn’t really care what they did about DADT.I got out of thre service 39 years ago and everyone knew who was homosexual and very few people cared unless there was an incident.
    The “Dream Act” on the other hand was a backdoor way of extending undeserved amnesty to a whole lot of people aside from some students who were brought here at an early age.(It’s called “family unity” aka Chain Migration)The bill also would have allowed aliens with criminal records to avoid consequences.The hell with that.

    1. That’s a load of you know what.People who came here frequently didn’t have papers,but they had to pass through Ellis Island or other similar facility and undergo inspection until they were screened and cleared.
      At least that’s what my grandparents on both sides had to do in the first decade of the 20th Century.
      Maybe your great grandparents came when there was basically no immigration control,but on the other hand the country and economy were expanding.
      Obviously you are just an open borders advocate aand don’t give a damn what kind of criminal or terrorist elements can come and stay by submerging themselves in the flow of ordinary job seekers.
      Some open borders types like Shana Kurland are just against national sovereignty and want no borders at all.(She said this in a RI Senate hearing).
      You probably don’t have evil motives,but you’re a fool.You have your head so far in the politically correct,emotional sand that you can’t see daylight.
      There is NO country in the world so insane that they have no immigration laws or controls.But you know better,don’t you?
      Try telling it to a woman raped by an illegal alien gang member or the family of those murdered by them.
      or maybe you’ll get on a bus and get blown into mulch because of an undetected terrorist.We’ve been lucky since 9/11,but I am sure there’s also been a lot of hard work done to help with the luck.
      You wring your hands over Timothy McVeigh,but guess what Nancy?That SOB is dead.You’re so damn afraid of offending Muslims that you refuse to recognize an actual danger.I’m sure most of the American Muslim community recognizes it because they really fear the consequences of a widespread terrorist assault in the US.It’s in their own interest to prevent it.
      I think that is happening routinely,unlike in Europe where Muslims aren’t part of the larger sociey as they are here.
      I wish you’d be honest for a change and just tell it like you believe.I do.

  2. Okay, remind me of when I wrote that there should be no immigration laws.
    The DREAM Act is a moderate, reasonable law that would benefit the country.
    Immigrants are being scapegoated because our politics needs someone to blame for our economic problems.
    And some of my friends are always being asked ‘where they came from’ and ‘what’s their religion’, even if they grew up in Cranston. So I think there must be a way to tell.

  3. Also, my great-grandmother dodged a social worker, jumped over a turnstile and caught a train to RI. God Bless America for birthright citizenship– I’d hate to be retroactively illegal.

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