Marvel Comics Too Subtle for Racists

On South Main Street there is a plaque that says, ‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilty, Stan Lee’. There’s a lot of comic book readers out there, but not in the White Citizen’s Council. Maybe they should get some milk and cookies and a flashlight and hide under the covers with Marvel’s Thor. I tried to read the Wikipedia on it but the plot is more complicated than Dark Shadows.

Anyway, calling on the experts at The Wild Hunt, who actually do worship the gods, I find a neat summary. The Pagans and Witches are fine with it, how ironic that the Christians are all exercised.

Some Christians turned a Middle-Eastern Rabbi into a blonde, so this kind of thing has been going on for a long time. Happy Yule.

SECOND THOUGHTS: Mr. Green reminded me of some old movies where Anglo actors donned weird face paint to play roles. Mickey Rooney playing a Japanese photographer in ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’ is one that haunts my nightmares. He did not look hot. Idris Elba looks super-hot.
Linda Hunt scandalized the film critics when she played the role of a Chinese-Australian man. I heard that she did a fine job.

For her role as the male Chinese-Australian photographer, Hunt won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1983, becoming the first person to win an Oscar for playing a character of the opposite sex (also the first to win playing an Australian character).

What’s the big deal? They’re actors. That’s what they do.


10 thoughts on “Marvel Comics Too Subtle for Racists

  1. Although I’m not a Christian,I think you oughta lighten up on other peoples’ “hate speech”because what you’re doing just around this time of year is putting a lot of hateful energy into your posts directed at Christians.
    FWIW I don’t think the White Citizens Councils exist anymore,actually not for a long time.You seem obsessed with past injustices and Sarah Palin.
    One is already dealt with and the other isn’t going anywhere-she’s got a shorter political half life than you think.
    She holds no office and quit the last one she did hold.
    Lincoln Chafee,on the other hand,has stumbled and bumbled into a 4 year term where he will put the final nails in the coffin of this state.

    1. Haha.OK,I personally don’t care for Palin because she’s too representative of the political theater attitude prevalent these days.So are a lot of leftists.
      It would be nice if you’d occasionally respond on a thoughtful level to some of the points I throw at you.
      We have WAY too many arranged confrontations on cable and in our national government.People on both sides have stopped trying to do serious work and opted for showtime.
      No wonder Congress has an approval rating slightly above a skid row drunk passed out in the gutter.Actually,the skid row drunk might elicit more kind feelings.

    1. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a joke.
      They consioder anyone who supports enforcement of EXISTING Federal law regarding immigration and anyone who is adamant about their firearms rights to be a potential “hate group member”.
      I personally would never let a creep like Mark Potok within 100 yards of either of my grandaughters.
      Potok is a lying,lowlife agitator intent on destroying the ability of this country to control its borders.

  2. Given the respect I have for the SPLC, you know my answer.

    I lost two Massachusetts friends (I think they are now in Maine) to the John Birch Society.

    Do you consider them a simple community organization ?

    And do you have fond feelings for the Hells Angels ? They do keep the outside of their property and the Messer Street sidewalk clean?

    The SPLC does not include them as a hate group, but they are an all white group.

    Observer, I respect the differences in our views and have no expectation of changing yours. How anyone’s responses or lack of comments on any thread translates into a measurement of integrity is a mystery to me.

    1. Is an all Black group that excludes Whites a hate group?Maybe,and maybe not-depends on their motives.
      The Hells Angels are not an all White group.They have had members who were Hispanic,Asian,and Jewish(who white power groups don’t think of as White)-I don’t think they take Black members-nor do Black biker gangs take anyone else in-see how complicated this can be?
      The John Birch Society is open to people of all races,creeds,and ethnicities.Their National Speakers Bureau includes non-Whites,so what’s your point there?They are concerned with internationalism and the loss of national sovereignty-an admirable effort in my opinion.I have addressed John Birch Society meetings and they were hardly a hateful bunch of people-you are free to confine yourself to your world of Stone Soup activists,but the view you develope from that is kind of narrow.
      The comment about integrity is referring to intellectual integrity,not obviously having to do with being a thief or liar,etc.
      If someone posts on a subject,they should be ready to respond to specific criticisms.

  3. I originally put up this post because I think it’s funny that the real Pagans, who may actually revere the god Thor, are fine with this movie.
    Also, what actors do is– they act. This is a movie, not a prayer meeting. I recommend reading the Wild Hunt post for more reality orientation.

    1. I like graphic novels and some comics,but the Marvel stuff is too much costume silliness.I don’t watch movies like Batman,Iron Man,etc.
      The closest I come tot that is The Heroic Trio and Executioners starring Maggie Cheubg,Michelle Yeoh,and Anita Mui.hong kong does a better job of it.

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