That’s Un-American!

Via Democratic Underground, news that the City of Paris might ban SUV’s.

Denis Baupin, a Parisian environmental official, told RTL radio anyone who had an SUV should “sell it and buy a vehicle that’s compatible with city life. I’m sorry, but having a sport utility vehicle in a city makes no sense.”

Next they’ll be banning Hummers from Tokyo. Follow the link here for a story about a Japanese guy named Dick. At least he’s been called that…

TOKYO — When Sadayoshi Ishi drives his Hummer, he takes precautions. He has installed a navigation system that shows wide-open streets in green and more dangerous narrow streets in pink on a computerized map inside the truck. Periscopelike monitors on each side-view mirror alert him to obstacles.

Mr. Ishi isn’t dodging land mines in a desert war zone. The 48-year-old Japanese cartoonist is trying to navigate Tokyo’s urban jungle of streets too narrow for his 7-foot-wide vehicle. “I broke out in a sweat every time I drove it,” says Mr. Ishi. He now drives his Hummer just once a week — to golf games — on a predetermined route.

He should drive the Hummer on the course, that would really impress people. Mr. Ishi is hoping for a disaster so he can use all the features to rescue people. If Godzilla strikes, he’s ready.

IN RELATED NEWS: Gridlock in the Providence Place Mall parking garage.


9 thoughts on “That’s Un-American!

  1. One wonders why some folks feel compelled to tell other folks what they can eat, drink, drive or think. Out here in the real world, we need big things to haul our hay, horses, cattle or crops to market so city folks can tell us what we can eat, drink, drive or think. It is a strange world.

    1. There aren’t any cattle and crops in my neighborhood, but there are a lot of big SUV’s with one person inside, and big shiny pickups riding around empty.
      It does give me an unreal feeling to see all these utility vehicles that have no utility except to make a fashion statement. It sounds like they would look right at home where you live, and be put to good use.

  2. I have an SUV and drive it in the city, I live in a city. I rescue abandoned dogs and cats and my SUV is filled with crates to transport injured and sick animals back and forth to the vet all times of day and night, and like last week, 50 miles through a blizzard. I was thanking Goodness for my SUV and 4-wheel drive the entire way. People use their SUV’s and trucks for work, and many other activities in the city that they could DO with a smaller vehicle. I agree that for most daily activities a smaller car is best, but to BAN SUV’s and trucks is ridiculous!! Many of us need them. Would you prefer that the animals I transport in my SUV remain on the streets? Is that good for the city?

  3. I own a small SUV because it has all wheel drive,which is a good thing in this climate and it is good for hauling larger items.
    It gets reasonably good highway mileage and mediocre local mileage.
    That said,I feel no need to justify myself to trust fund baby tree huggers driving around in their Volvo diesels.
    Who the hell are these wannabe social engineers to preach to everyone?
    Many years ago(about 20) I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh when he still had a sense of humor and he commented how these preachy types figured that THEY knew how to use redwood responsibly.
    It’s true-all these environmental gurus fouling the atmosphere with their private jets and buying “carbon credits” are like serial killers donating one load per killing to a sperm bank so they can replace each life they take.

  4. Lori and Observer,
    I have no power at all to tell people what to drive– and this ban on SUV’s is proposed in Paris, which is very far away.
    Lori, I’d love to hear more about your animal rescue.
    And am I even allowed to express an opinion that the fad for big vehicles started in the late 80’s and suddenly all kinds of people who never needed them before just had to have one?
    I spend a lot of time driving, some of it trying to see around SUV’s parked on corners or stopped ahead of me blocking traffic. They almost never have more than 2 passengers max and almost never carry cargo. But I’m sorry for laughing at the idea of banning them in Paris. Next time I’m stopped at a light I’ll give the flashies and let the SUV go first.

    1. I’m one of those kooky people who drive the big honkers packed with dog crates, food, blankets and sleeping bags:) Sometimes, I feel like a nut driving up and down the highway with the animals and wonder about the wisdom of using so much gas to do it, but what else can we do? We can’t have the streets filled with roaming abandoned animals and high-kill shelters are not a solution to pet overpopulation. There are many forms of conservation I suppose and sometimes we choose to supplant one form with another. Anyway, thanks for caring about the environment and Happy New Year to you!!

  5. All this noise about mousy cars is just nonsense.I don’t personally see the need to buy a giant SUV,but it’s a free country(so far),however the most efficient vehicle I own is a 1999 Camry SIX cylinder.It gets about 32 mpg on the highway-why?Because I MAINTAIN it.Ther ya go-take care of what you have and it’ll take care of you and maybe even the environment.
    Plus you can apply this thinking to homes,guns,washing machines,steam boilers and virtually any mechanical contrivance.
    BTW happy,safe,New Years-I wanna have you around to argue with in 2011.Somehow I think you and I both consider New Years a good time to watch some kind of TV marathon of old shows.We’re doing it on dvd with Abbot and Costello while we babysit our older grandaughter.
    New Years is what I call Amateur Night out there.

  6. Apropos of nothing,I got to see a male and female cardinal couple hanging out on a leafless rosebush in our backyard yesterday.
    I didn’t realize cardinals were around here in the winter.I enjoy the crows when there’s a crust of snow and try to leave some goodies for them.

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