Free Love

Anthony McCarthy, a contributor at Echidne of the Snakes has an insightful essay about the impossibility of sexual freedom without equality. He writes from his perspective as a gay man who has lived through the social changes of the last few decades.

When Gloria Steinem said “The sexual revolution was not our war,” it was a brilliant insight. The sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s were mostly for the benefit of straight men, Hugh Hefner’s adolescent fantasy life becoming generally available. Without equality, without both political and social equality and the rights that equality is made of, just being able to have sex without social and legal repercussions is bound to result in an extension of oppression.

Interesting that Hefner is in the process of acquiring a very young wife in a very traditional type of marriage. (see 1 Kings 1, David and Abishag).

Divorcing ourselves from our feelings, judging ourselves according to standards we do not set, letting the insinuating voice of advertising turn our bodies and relationships into commodities is a recipe for misery.

Not so far under the radar is a resistance, a refusal to play a game we can’t win.

I think this year will see a reaction to the materialism that is draining too much of our best energy. The ‘traditional family values’ will not work for everyone, and will not work all the time for anyone. Creating a set of ethics to live by is something each one of us has to do for ourselves.

One of my resolutions for 2011 is to talk to more people and take out my assumptions and dust them off– clear out the mental clutter along with the boxes of books and clothes that don’t fit.

Thank you, Kmareka readers for giving me a place to put out ideas.

And do stop by Echidne’s place, because Anthony McCarthy is very worth reading.

2 thoughts on “Free Love

  1. Hefner is a pig.
    This May-December(more like January-December in his case)is kind of disgusting.\
    I’m 64,and if I were single,a lady in her 40’s would be about the rock bottom for a meaningful relationship.Otherwise,what would have to talk about that had shared relevance?And even the 40’s is pushing it,although I figure most people have become grounded in terms of maturity at that point in time.

  2. they say that those who marry for money earn every penny of it. I took care a man who was 104 years old, and still demanding constant attention. Hefner might just live long enough to spend his fortune.

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