Mayor Taveras Inauguration

Inaugural Day in Kennedy Plaza
City Year Volunteers

I am typing this with frozen fingers, because for inexplicable reasons we do these things in January. But it was a beautiful sunny day and hundreds were there for the civic occasion. Some local color– there was a man with a beautiful white bulldog wearing a tuxedo (the dog, not the man). The two ministers who spoke invoked Roger Williams– very appropriate. A woman on the edge of the crowd shouted ‘Jesus’ at random moments– not so inspiring, but it’s a free country.

The ceremony started with a bagpiper, included the Pledge of Allegiance by schoolchildren, and a poem read by a student. The whole drift of the ceremony and much of Mayor Taveras’ speech was focused on the importance of education.

See coverage of Angel Taveras’ inaugural speech, and a transcript. Good ideas, we the people will have to make it happen.

2 thoughts on “Mayor Taveras Inauguration

  1. Oops. A slip definitely.
    I actually thought of my grandfather when I saw the police color guard. He was a Providence cop.

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