Paul Di Filipo, Local Author

Just a short break from political spitball fights to praise a fellow Rhode Islander.

Paul Di Filipo is a science fiction writer whose clever disguise as a regular guy you see walking around the East Side conceals great literary accomplishments…

Paul Di Filippo is the author of hundreds of short stories, some of which have been collected in these widely-praised collections: The Steampunk Trilogy, Ribofunk, Fractal Paisleys, Lost Pages, Little Doors, Strange Trades, Babylon Sisters, and his multiple-award-nominated novella, A Year in the Linear City. Another earlier collection, Destroy All Brains, was published by Pirate Writings, but is quite rare because of the extremely short print run (if you see one, buy it!).

I have a copy of ‘Lost Pages’, a collection of stories set in the decades from the 20’s to the 60’s, riffing on what might have been. It’s very good. I’ve read the whole book except for one chapter, the one starring Anne Frank. Paul’s writing is so powerful I’m afraid of facing Anne in his fictional world.

I had no idea he had so many other books in print. I’ll look for them. There’s nothing more fun than discovering a new sci-fi writer.

Paul is a literary critic on, a site that hires real writers. ‘Is Science Fiction Dying?’. See Paul’s answer here.

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