The President’s Address

Very powerful, and very challenging. It was a call to put anger aside and to deal with our problems in an unselfish and patriotic way.

It’s hard when the pain of this assault is still fresh and accusations are flying, but I’ll try.

Transcript of the President’s address is here.

The invocation by Dr.Carlos Gonzalez who performed a Yaqui blessing, was moving and appropriate. Those of us who are Pagans have participated in such prayers, calls to the four directions and blessing the people and animals on earth. Video of Dr. Gonzalez is here.

Dr. Gonzalez is an associate professor of medicine at the University of Arizona, and he was one of several speakers associated with the university. The invocation has drawn criticism by some who felt a Native American blessing had no place at a public event. The Wild Hunt covers the controversy here.

There were many readings from the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, and Biblical references were interwoven in the speeches. The ceremony went off flawlessly.

It matters a great deal to be included. The recognition of the First Americans, the diversity of the distinguished speakers, the words from Daniel Hernandez– this was balm for the soul…

Joan Walsh from Salon has more…

Remember how great it looked and felt and sounded, when things inevitably get ugly again. Reagan-appointed Supreme Court Justice Sandra O’Connor, now retired, sat admiringly next to Daniel Hernandez Jr., the 20-year-old Gabrielle Giffords intern who helped save her life Saturday (who happens to be gay and Mexican American). Attorney General Eric Holder was side by side with Gov. Jan Brewer, whose racial profiling law he’s fighting. The service began with an Indian blessing from Dr. Carlos Gonzales, who described his mother as Mexican, his father as a Yaqui survivor of “genocide,” and his son as a soldier in Afghanistan, who praised “this great country, where a poor barrio kid from the south side of Tucson could get an education at a fine institution like the University of Arizona – and then, even better, come back and teach here.”

The static is already hissing, but we are challenged to take the high ground. Just for now, let’s see how that feels.

5 thoughts on “The President’s Address

  1. It wasn’t a bad address at all.i thought he was expecting a more somber crowd and was surprised,but he adjusted fast.
    Let’s face it-he’s a father of two young girls,so how do you think he felt eulogizing a nine year old with the parents there?There was no politics in the room.
    A few of those so eager to accuse could stand to listen.
    I wish he’d done this after Fort Hood.

  2. BTW Sarah Palin’s staff is reporting increased death threats.I hope no one does something stupid,because she has a lot of followers and payback will be very ugly.
    I certainly wouldn’t want to be certain vicious pundits or “comedians”in the wake of such an event.
    Twenty years ago we’d ahve just seen this for what it is-a crazed,antisocial loner inflicting himself on society.
    Now it has become “let’s blame those we disagree with” even if it’s totally untrue.
    The exploitation of this shooting for political reasons sucks.

  3. I’m on record as being consistently against threats and violence.
    Even Pat buchanan is calling the President’s address ‘splendid’.

  4. I think I just said his speech fit the occasion.
    I know he also wnet to Fort Hood,but in tat case he should have called it out for what it was-a Muslim terrorist attack on an American military installation and personnel.Perpetraated by an infiltrator who joined our military and wore our uniform,awaiting his chance to turn on those he was supposed to be serving with.
    No one glossed over Benedict Arnold’s traitorous conduct.

  5. I think it’s sad that Mr.Walsh has to use so many qualifiers for people-Hernandez is a brave,decent young man,that’s all we need to know.And the reference to Yaqui Indians and genocide-who’s profiling here?Not Jan Brewer.
    It’d be easier for everyone if racial/ethnic/orientation descriptions were dispensed with except where they are relevant.
    I always crack up when some academic leftist like Ward Churchill walks around pretending to be an Indian.
    A couple of my cousins are Mohawks on their mom’s side.One lives on the reservation and sells stuff cheap,so I guess it’s germane for her to identify as an Indian.
    The other one thinks it ‘s all a load of crap.She’s satisfied with being an American.
    David Cicilline sounded silly and ignorant when he described the shooting as “domestic terrorism”.Tim McVeigh,Bill Ayers,the FALN,Major Hassan-that stuff is domestic terrorism.Not this.

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