Shovel that Sidewalk has an article about the snow-covered sidewalks. You can be ticketed for not clearing the sidewalk in front of your property.

Most of the people on my street do the right thing, but then you come to a wall of snow where someone didn’t, and you have to walk in the street. Or drive very slow because lots of people are walking in the street.

I hope we make it to thaw without someone getting hurt, it’s a mess right now. The plowing went okay on the main streets, the side streets are passable but snow-covered. Bus shelters are unusable, I keep seeing people standing at crosswalks and realizing they are waiting for the bus.

Take care, it’s supposed to warm up a little by Wednesday.

One thought on “Shovel that Sidewalk

  1. Right on! When I hear the B.S. that its impossible to turn around I know its not as I lived in Quincy, MA for 8 years and businesses and residents all cleared pathways. ‘starting to ticket’. How many exactly is that they issued because I could see working a week straight binstoo and not come close. I think a picture shares a thousand words and I will just post some online along with walkers. Technology ain’t such a bad thing.

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