Shot a Coyote

With a camera, that is. Mary Grady at One New Thing Every Day was following some tracks in the wilds of Pawtuxet and came face to face with the wild dog. She thinks the pix came out fuzzy but I think it came out very good. You can see it here.


One thought on “Shot a Coyote

  1. One day I saw a weird looking”dog ‘ on my street-I live in a pretty old neighborhood near RIC-there are some woods around RIC and over next to Branch Avenue,but it’s not like this is a new tract built in the forest.i soon realized it was a coyote.
    Okay,big deal I figured.
    Next evening there were five of them in a pack roaming the street-that posed a real danger to kids and pets.
    I called Providence Animal Control and they said call DEM.I called DEM and asked if it was okay to shoot them if they posed a threat,and they siad,sure,but not within 500 feet of a dwelling.I asked why I would even consider shooting them if they were that far away-I’m not a hunter after all-and they said good point.They then told me they don’t respond to these calls(I asked if they could send someone wth tranquilizer darts)due to lack of manpower and I should just send in a report.
    Your state agencies at work!!
    Seriously,I’d hate to see a kid or a senior mauled by a pack of these animals.

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