One thought on “Shot a Coyote

  1. One day I saw a weird looking”dog ‘ on my street-I live in a pretty old neighborhood near RIC-there are some woods around RIC and over next to Branch Avenue,but it’s not like this is a new tract built in the forest.i soon realized it was a coyote.
    Okay,big deal I figured.
    Next evening there were five of them in a pack roaming the street-that posed a real danger to kids and pets.
    I called Providence Animal Control and they said call DEM.I called DEM and asked if it was okay to shoot them if they posed a threat,and they siad,sure,but not within 500 feet of a dwelling.I asked why I would even consider shooting them if they were that far away-I’m not a hunter after all-and they said good point.They then told me they don’t respond to these calls(I asked if they could send someone wth tranquilizer darts)due to lack of manpower and I should just send in a report.
    Your state agencies at work!!
    Seriously,I’d hate to see a kid or a senior mauled by a pack of these animals.

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