Ceasar and God

From AmericaBlog, investigation of how taxpayers subsidize an activity that looks suspiciously like evangelism in Uganda…

There was an article published in 2008, in the Daily Oklahoman, that detailed Inhofe’s more than twenty trips to Uganda. Senator Inhofe described his influence there as “A Jesus Thing.”

WASHINGTON — In the past decade, Sen. Jim Inhofe of Tulsa has made at least 20 trips to Africa as part of a mission that he frequently describes in religious terms.

Inhofe’s African trips have cost taxpayers more than $187,000 since 1999, according to a review of expenses Inhofe and staff members have submitted through the Armed Services Committee.

Some of the trips have been taken on military planes that cost thousands of dollars an hour to operate. The military does not disclose the cost of flying members of Congress to their destinations.

In fact, Senator Inhofe has made 108 visits to Africa, more than any other Senator in U.S. history. Although it can be argued his trips could be justified by work that is focused on disbanding the “The Lord’s Resistance Army,” and protecting African children from kidnapping and made into child soldiers; his influence extends far beyond military interests. The homophobia that has been spread via taxpayer expense through the flavor of homophobic evangelizing supported by Senator Inhofe needs to be investigated. The blood of David Kato cries out for justice, and a determination of just what Senator Inhofe meant by his taxpayer funded trips to Uganda being described as “A Jesus Thing.”

Inhofe attempted to explain, “I’m guilty of two things. I’m a Jesus guy, and I have a heart for Africa.”

Jesus himself was once approached by a group that wanted him to join in tax resistance against the Romans who were occupying and oppressing their nation. His answer seems to draw a line between church and state–‘give to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and to God what is God’s.’

Sen. Inhofe can leave politics and join the ministry, he can donate his own time and money to missionary work in Uganda, but instead he blurs the lines between his office and his religion. He is promoting a kind of religion that many Christians disown. He doesn’t speak for America, and should not be supported by our tax dollars.

7 thoughts on “Ceasar and God

  1. I’m surprised you haven’t managed to notice anything amiss with Nancy pelosi and her family and friends pigging it up on military jets with a gourmet menu.
    More relativism in morality from the Ninjanurse Foundation.
    Inhofe,who I like for his voting record and hostility to left wing collectivist garbage, really should do this on his own dime(or any private entity that wants to pay).

    1. okay. you say he should do it on his own dime.
      when I say it, it’s just terrible, even if you end up saying the same thing.
      I guess relativism is who says it, or maybe who your relatives are, or something like that.

      1. I didn’t think it was terrible that you said it,but that you are so easy on leftists-I was honest on my job and had no iota of sympathy for a crooked agent even if we’d been friends.I was put to that test more than once,so don’t go there with me.
        I really admired Randy Cunningham,but when I saw what he did,I knew he belonged in prison.
        I didn’t think you were wrong to criticize Inhofe on this particular issue.
        I hope you’re as ready to be critical of Cicilline when you and I are hammered with a huge tax increase because of his financial irresponsibility.
        He left Taveras with a real pile of turds.

  2. I would suggest that simply “hitching” a ride on a military flight is far different than requesting a special flight for one’s own self. In either case, there is a formal process, and good journalism would have found records that would indicate if the Senator did one or the other. Ms Pelosi, unfortunately, seems to have had such a sense of her “importance” to the nation and the world, that her “special” expenses apparently came to millions of taxpayer dollars when regularly scheduled flights would have been just fine to get her back to California every weekend, to enjoy the attractions of her palatial estate.

    Uganda is a tragic, tragic nation. With superb climate, excellent soils, Uganda should/could be the great food producer of Africa. Corruption–remember the Idi Amin–meddling by terrorists–remember Entebbe–disease, misallocation of land projects, corruption at all levels, continued rebellious terrorism, have destroyed the fabric of that country.

    Unlike Arab Africa, Black Africa has been largely ignored by every administration virtually forever. In large measure, except for an island of stability here and there, sub-Saharan Africa continues to see declines in democracy, public health,education and economic development. It would seem to me that Mr. Inhofe may be doing more good than harm and should be praised.

    1. Sub-Saharan African only became important in the immediate post-independence era when the US and the USSR were fencing for position there through surrogates like Lumumba and Tshombe,not to mention Israel trying to establish potential alliances against the Arab world by providing military training and assistance in agronomy to countries like Kenya,Uganda(that didn’t work out too well),and some others.
      After the era of detente,Africa went back on the shelf and was ignored while deterioration of political stability became rife.
      Asia beckoned.Asian countries have been able to provide rapid industrial developement to attract outsourced production by multinationals,not to mention the rise of their own industrial cartels like Daewoo.
      Daewoo makes everything from semiautomatic pistols,to tanker ships,to tv’s and other consumer goods.Diversification exemplified.

      1. It’s too long to relate here,but I was denied reimbursement for abrekfast when I was on a detail once.Why?Because I arested a fugitive before heading out to Vermont on my assignment and had breakfast in a location not in my “direct line of travel”-the New Yorker to be exact,after lodging my prisoner at the Providence PD.
        Can you believe it-they saved the national debt on that one.
        I could’ve ignored the hot lead I had on the guy,but that was not in my professional DNA.

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