ProJo Has the Best Video of Marriage Hearing

I checked out the local news, and ProJo just has the best video, though it only covers the rally.

Here is from last summer, a man speaking in tongues. I post this for old time’s sake, though I won’t be dropping by Apponaug Pentecostal anytime soon. Speaking in tongues completely absolves you of having to make any sense at all. I used to do it myself, so I can say that it’s a learned thing that’s easy to do if you are encouraged by the people around you. I think when I was that age I also used to hum and whistle at the same time, which I thought was pretty neat.

If people want to speak in tongues, that’s fine. It’s not that uncommon, I’ve heard it done by Catholics, Pentecostals and Baptists. But if we’re talking about making laws that affect non-believers and believers alike, we have a right to expect rationality.

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