A Message from Snow Kitty

Snow Kitty says “Happy Valentine’s Day 2011!”


7 thoughts on “A Message from Snow Kitty

  1. Stay away from the edge of peaked roofs-a large slab of ice slid off mine yesterday and I was glad my grandaughter was making a snowman well away from where it came down.

  2. But those whiskers are sooooo adorable.

    (Agreed, Nancy, but we here in SE Ohio 1) have no snow and 2) are chronically, tragically catless. I take my feline love where I can get it!)

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Sungold! We love cats here, too — Snow Kitty is supposed to be Beanie, our 15 and a half year old sealpoint. She is still enjoying life and decided to become a lap cat late in life so now has to last several more years to get in her lap time.

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