You Can’t Take the Sky From Me

The Year of the Rabbit is off to a good start. Joss Wheeden’s ‘Firefly’, the only TV worth watching with the exception of some PBS documentaries and most episodes of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ has emerged from the black hole of series cancellation…

( — Browncoats rejoice: “Firefly” is returning to basic cable — and Nathan Fillion has something to say about it.

The Science Channel has acquired the rights to the cult-hit and will air the series in its short-lived entirety, plus some new extras. Science Channel will wrap each episode with interstitial segments starring renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, who will discuss the theoretical science behind the show’s sci-fi concepts.

Nathan Filion, Firefly’s Capt. Mal Reynolds, would love to star in future episodes. I vote for a script that pre-dates the timeline of the movie Serenity so that Alan Tudyk and Ron Glass can resume their roles without doing some hokey Star Trek back from the dead kind of thing. When Joss kills off a character, they stay dead, unless they’re undead.

I have a science crush on Michio Kaku, so I might locate where I threw my TV when Firefly was cancelled by the dastardly Fox and fire it up again.

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