Community Garden Opportunity in Cranston

From Democratic City Council Member Steve Stycos:

I am working with Mayor Fung to start a community garden in the park at the end of Narragansett Street and Bay View Avenues. Those participating would receive a small area of land, perhaps 10 by 20 feet, to grown vegetables or flowers. To gauge community interest, I am holding a community meeting for those interested in participating, Thursday March 3 at 7 PM at the Open Table of Christ Church at the corner of Broad Street and Montgomery Avenue. The church, also known as the Washington Park Methodist Church, is on the Cranston/Providence line, but the garden is only for Cranston residents.

Next week, a flyer announcing the meeting will be going home with kids from Edgewood Highland Elementary School. I would also like to hand it out door to door along Narragansett Street and Bay View Avenue, and surrounding streets. Would you be able to help me distribute leaflets this weekend?

I will have leaflets and maps available Saturday morning. You can hand out the leaflets whenever is convenient over the weekend. Please let me know if you can help. Hopefully, you may also want to participate in the garden.



3 thoughts on “Community Garden Opportunity in Cranston

  1. I am hopefully going to have a little piece of land with some thriving vegetables on it. (A girl can dream, can’t she?) So maybe you can come by sometime in the summer and have some of the vegetables of my labor.

  2. Hello, I have also been thinking about a community garden in Cranston as I was raised in the town. I would love to help out. How do you obtain land/lots? Do you contact the city hall?

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