Kmareka Predictions 3 for 3

Well, my far more prescient and wise co-blogger Nancy was responsible for the first two correct predictions, and I can make claim to the third — predicting that Central Falls would be laying off some teachers in the New Year. I’m not sure I should be given any fortune-teller points for this, though. Some things are fairly easy to call.

As for Nancy’s prediction that the Dow would surpass 12,000, that one indeed came true, with a near 500 point cherry on top. But now it looks like now we’re seeing a pullback. Note that Nancy didn’t make any calls on whether the Dow would drop back down below 12,000 after hitting this mark. So, buyer beware as to what comes next after the initial Kmareka predictions. Mayor Taveras in Providence is talking about closing some schools. Wonder if Central Falls will also be thinking in that direction, given that their city is in receivership. I hope all these empty school buildings will be put to good public use, though I doubt there will be a quick turnaround. And if they’re building new schools, they better make sure they aren’t building on former superfund waste dumps. I wonder how the Race to the Top money for charter schools will play into this equation.


3 thoughts on “Kmareka Predictions 3 for 3

  1. Actually, what has happened is that all of the teachers of Providence have gotten layoff notices, which means the school department will be able to “hire back” not based on seniority but on who they believe are “the best” teachers. Wow.

  2. I guess firing teachers is the easiest way to balance your budget. It’s interesting that this comes first, before anything else. First, fire the teachers. Next, cut people from state health care. Third, defund the arts.

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