Cops Join the Protest in Wisconsin


6 thoughts on “Cops Join the Protest in Wisconsin

  1. It is odd that folks that get much and pay little, seem to want to ignore the needs of the greater good. The mathematics of the demonstrations are intersting as well. If 10,000 folks show up in Madison to ask that their special deals be protected on the backs of the rest of the state, and the population of the state is 10,000,000 (I havenot looked this up), that’s .01%; correct?That means 99.99% of Wisonsin is not there and working–like an old Ivory Soap commercial. If it is 10 times that number of special interest employees, that’s just 1% of the population…hmmm. Sounds like tyranny of a very small minority demanding more and more of a very large majority.

    These folks live a bloated financial life on the tax dole. If they use public money to pay bloated unions to lobby politicians, also living on public money, to “protect” their rights to take more money.

    I suspect if they wqere all fired, and made to reapply for their jobs, most would, or there would be no shortage of talent to become teachers, or anything else. This is a Wisconsin issue, to be sure, but it is represenative of out of control spending everywhere and the “right” of some to demand more and more of most of the rest of us.

  2. Gina Raimondo was on Newsmakers this morning.
    She is hardly a Tea Party hero.
    She says the present retirement system is unsustainable.
    I know “klaus”would suggest taxing anyone making 2 dollars a year more than him,but it can’t be done.
    People are strapped with responsibilities they hadn’t planned on and loss of income and/or increased expenses(the CPI doesn’t seem to reflect the truth)and now the looming oil crisisthreatens even worse.
    Please don’t let’s hear more blather about wind/solar-it’s not coming anytime soon or in any meaningful amount.
    Pedaling to the Chinese takeout ain’t saving this state’s economy.
    How about stopping COLA’s?Mine have disappeared for two years now.I’m not whining,and I think state/municipal workers should have the same thing.
    The federal government got ahead of this in 1984.
    It would make a good Aesop fable,only it’s all too true.

  3. As usual, the reality is much more nuanced than blather about “bloated” state government which from what I know of WI is relatively effective.

    In Rhode Island there are areas of patronage (e.g. the legislature, lottery commission etc) that are wasteful, but all the state agencies that I know of, including Rhode Island College, URI, DEM, DOT, social work, DOH are highly understaffed. And salries are mostly lower than comparable private sector, certainly true at RIC where we are way lower paid than Providence College, Salve etc. RIC is also not in the state pension plan but in a “defined contribution” plan, and I agree all state workers hired now should be in such a plan which avoids abuse and unsustainable promises.

    But the tea party types who attack public employees are apparently either wealthy selfish twits out to become even richer at the expense of working people, or pathetic dupes of those folks who serve ther exploiters. Its not the public employees that crashed the economy, it was fololowing the Bush program of tax cuts for the wealthy and de-regualtion that did that.

    1. De-regulation and the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act were indded prime movers of the collapse.
      Now who was it that signed off on that?And who passed it?
      Answer:Clinton and the Republicans.
      Enough blame to go around.

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