Bob Walsh Responds to Mayor Taveras on Teacher Terminations

Mayor Taveras asked on Facebook for people to respond to his decision to send out the termination notices to Providence teachers, and NEA Executive Director Bob Walsh replied:

Since you asked: I think the terminating rather than laying off teachers is not only a violation of the law, it is a violation of the trust that so many have put into you. Please fix this awful mistake.

One consequence of this misguided action is that every experienced Providence teacher in shortage areas becomes easier for the districts outside of Providence to recruit (see how many left Central Falls High School for other districts after last year.) Another is the chilling effect this will have on efforts for collaborative relationships in the future. A third is the cost of 1926 legal appeals!

I know you well enough to know that you don’t want to be compared to the Governor of Wisconsin. Please respect the contract, respect the law and most importantly, respect the teachers.

While I come down on the side of teachers taking some concessions to help with the budget crisis, I do not agree with the decision to send out termination letters. It really bothers me, and I am not even a teacher.


4 thoughts on “Bob Walsh Responds to Mayor Taveras on Teacher Terminations

  1. Right Bob,you’re not a teacher.
    I don’t agree with the termiination letters.
    Maybe you and Crowley helped this happen with your intransigent stances.
    Of course you two will always rake in the dough as a reslt of your manipulative roles.
    Oh,FWIW I’m not a teacher either,but there are some in my family.
    It’ll be interesting to see a virtual bloodbath with not a Republican or conservative involved.

  2. I do realize the NEARI doesn’t represent providence etachers-I am referring to the general attitude you guys have been pushing.

  3. I’m disappointed in Bob’s reply here. He only looked at this from the viewpoint of the effect it will have on the teacher’s.

    And that’s the problem with teacher unions. In a post I make over at GoLocal (not linked), I state that I hope this incident is the wake up call the unions finally get to realize that being able to railroad government is over.

    Bob’s reply doesn’t give me much confidence that they’ve learned anything. Tavares’ policies and politics haven’t changed, but he’s not living on another planet and saw how much of a drain the educational portion of the budget is on the system. In the face of that he’s making a decision that won’t garner him any friends from Walsh’s camp and actually will cost him good-will in general.

    But despite all of that, he still made this move. It makes you wonder how bad things are and makes you disappointed that Walsh doesn’t even acknowledge this in the section you cite.

    We need better leadership than this.

  4. Bob Walsh has the ear of the Governor,and,I suspect,a large amount of control over the Governor’s policy regarding unions.
    The Governor and taveras are friends-maybe Walsh thinks he can pressure Taveras through that angle.
    I have a feeling the students are being ignored here.
    If you can belive this,only a tiny amount of the school budget goes to supplies for students.
    I can remember my kids sharing textbooks with other students years ago.
    Steve Smith gets some support from me,because I don’t think he’s ever been an extremist.
    I don’t like the way Taveras handled this.I don’t much care for anything he’s done,from appointing Jerzyk to trying to establish a sanctuary city by lying about the consequences of utilizing Secure Communities.
    Walsh and his boy Crowley with the megaphone do absolutely nothing to attain reasonable solutions.
    I really don’t want to see public employee unions disappear.They need to make some adjustments though,like in the Federal system.

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