Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen. If you flew in from Mars this morning and grabbed the news, you’d think the greatest crisis facing America today is Charlie Sheen. He was on NPR as I drove to work. He’s in the New York Times. I’m writing this from a doctor’s office and Charlie Sheen is gazing earnestly from the cover of People magazine. A nation turns its lonely eyes to Charlie Sheen. What will he do next?

I have kind of a weird mental glitch around him.

Some time ago, I helped take care of a boy who had survived a catastrophic injury. The kid watched a lot of TV, and ‘Two and a Half Men’ made him laugh sometimes.

In my brain, Charlie Sheen is forever filed in the drawer labeled, ‘Injured Child’. It gives him an unearned aura of tragic importance.

As for the rest of you– what’s your excuse?

Call me cynical, but I doubt that the nation is really agonizing over another actor with behavior problems. I think it’s more about lazy reporting.

Actors are founts of information, they have publicists and their problems are simple to write about. Not like, for example, Pat Robertson. If you wrote about Robertson’s scandals you’d have to investigate an international network of shifting finances and suspect dealings with third world dictators and their agents. It’s a lot of work. Charlie Sheen has meltdowns on camera. Cut and paste.

I’m not above reading the Enquirer in the checkout line, but it’s kind of surreal to hear, ‘All Sheen–All the time’ on the regular news. Monty Python had it right– spam,spam and more spam.

But there are still some news sources with ethics. Read Kmareka and you’ll never read a word about Charlie Sheen.

8 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen

  1. I refuse to open my ears to the news on Charlie Sheen. I still don’t even know what he’s in trouble for, and don’t tell me! TMI, IMHO.

  2. How many times do I have to say Charlie Sheen to get a Google hit around here? More than 9 times I guess.

    1. Why even bother?
      I always avoid “celebrity” gossip.
      They had every chance for a comfortable life and f**ked it up.
      There are plenty of ordinary people who went to Iraq or Afghanistan and got got hit in the head and are screwed up forever.I care about them.
      I see them when I go to the VA Hospital sitting with us Vietnam wreckage.
      There are fishermen and railroad workers and constructuion workers and truckers and on and on who got badly damaged just making a living.
      I don’t know what point I’m trying to make here except at some level I guess we’re on the same page.
      I will say something -I really don’t like to remember it-a guy in my unit stood up and ran when he should have flattened out-he lost the front part of his forehead.I think his name was Miller.
      He survived after being medevacked(sp?) to Japan.I doubt he had a good life.
      And we are supposed to worry about a self indulgent punk like Charlie Sheen?
      There are much better things to be concerned about.

      1. It’s a mystery. So many celebrities crashing and burning, and he gets the ratings. Was his performance so much better than the others, or did he just get lucky?
        The next act is usually to get religion.

  3. Haha-I thought getting sent to prison was thr precursor for so many people getting religion.
    I gotta say this for my wife-she had a religious awakening when nothing in particular was going on in her life.

  4. Public self destruction of personalities, self designated or not, but especially those in entertainment, have always captured attention. Whether it was Fatty Arbuckle and his trysts, or Jean Harlow, or Elvis or Michael Jackson, self destruction was to the public a magnet. In politics, or other public activities, memories are shorter, but for a short time, the attention to bad behavior no less intense. The strange or crazy sells because we all read or watch or listen. If we did not, it would not sell.

    1. That’s true. But it’s also circular. The reporting itself inflates the non-news. And for the reporters– sure beats working.

      1. I really like film and it seems most of the actors and actresses I like are never in the news for self-destructive behavior.
        I think there is a difference between acotrs and “personalities”.
        For some reason I can’t understand musicians(other than classical)seem to have a lot of drug problems.

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