We Can’t Fire Poverty….

This quote from Diane Ravitch helps frame the issues we are facing in Rhode Island as we all await the announcements of school closures in Providence, and hopefully start repairing the damage done by the mass firing letters. This comes from a statement Ravitch made about the firings of the teachers in Central Falls last year:

It would be good if our nation’s education leaders recognized that teachers are not solely responsible for student test scores. Other influences matter, including the students’ effort, the family’s encouragement, the effects of popular culture, and the influence of poverty. A blogger called “Mrs. Mimi” wrote the other day that we fire teachers because “we can’t fire poverty.” Since we can’t fire poverty, we can’t fire students, and we can’t fire families, all that is left is to fire teachers.

This strategy of closing schools and firing the teachers is mean and punitive. And it is ultimately pointless. It solves no problem. It opens up a host of new problems. It satisfies the urge to purge. But it does nothing at all for the students.

3 thoughts on “We Can’t Fire Poverty….

  1. Can someone please explain to me how cutting teachers’ salaries is going to improve the quality of the teaching profession?

    Where are all those Econ 101 students? If you lower the price, you lower the quality, right?

    This is really what makes me so furious about this whole education ‘debate’: the RW won’t admit that they don’t give a rat’s a** about education, or improving the schools. Their sole purpose is to eliminate the unions.

    ALL unions.

    They’ve killed off private sector unions, so now they want to kill the public sector unions.

    Why? Because unions advocate for the middle class. They advocate for higher wages. They spend money to influence elections.

    The RW wants a world where only the Koch Brothers and the Scaifes and the Mellons and the Coors and the wealthy have the resources to spend on ads. Once the unions are gone, there will be no politically powerful counterweight to the organized, extremely well-financed campaigns of lies and misinformation that the RW wages.

    The RW has its own “news” channel, fer cryin’ out loud.

    That is the agenda here. But they don’t have the guts to come out and say it, because they are utter and complete moral cowards.

    They sincerely beliece that you make too much money. You need to make less, so that your lords and masters can make more.

    But they won’t say that to your face.

    That’s why I get so furious.

    1. Are you serious?I’m what you’d call right wing and I dare you to find me badmouthing unions per se.Certainly not teachers.
      I was a public employee union member for 27 years.
      I’ll bet you weren’t a union member for 27 minutes.
      Believe me,pal.Anything I’d say here I’d say to your face.
      I already have with some of those RIF people.
      I have sort of a beef with some union leadership types who are oh so willing to gamble with the well being of the rank and file while taking no risk for their own punk asses.

  2. The RW’s “own” news channel?Fox?You could make a credible case for that.
    MSNBC,NBC,and to lesser degree CBS could be fitting that description for the left.
    Not to mention NPR and PBS,although in a much more subtle way than raving lunatics like Chris Matthews,Ed Schultz,and avowed socialist Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC.

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