Better News

Heard on the radio today that 2 of the 6 Fukushima reactors are under control. A lot of good people are putting their lives on the line for this, and a lot depends on it.

I hope they are successful, and that we will look closely at all the aspects of the worldwide energy crisis that brings us to this.


One thought on “Better News

  1. Haha-look closely at this energy crisis?
    In case you missed it,we’re in yet a THIRD conflict in the Middle East.
    Hillary was beating the war drum for this one.
    And it’s in a country which is of no strategic importance to us.We hardly buy any oil from Libya,but we’ll pay more at the pump because any excuse to raise energy prices is jumped on.
    BTW I’m glad Cap&Trade is dead.
    It would have caused a worse economic slowdown than what we have now because energy prices would have skyrocketed the”green”aristocracy would’ve lined their pockets.
    Artificially high energy prices lead to decreased employment and much higher prices on necessities.
    Yes,we should take a serious look,but we won’t with Charlie Sheen around.The media lead us by the nose to divert our attention.
    Case in point:March madness.the President had the incredibly poor judgement to fill out “brackets”in a big public event with a nuclear crisis in Japan and a war coming on in Libya.Are you still enamored of this guy?being engaged in frivolity in the state of the world this instant is DUMB.
    If Obama had ever run anything beside his mouth before becoming President,he’d know this.
    Meanwhile,Hillary was spinning her power web.It wouldn’t be surprising if she ran against him again.
    I know i went off topic,but you did make a comment that initiated some thought.

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