No Immediate Risk

Gotta run, just time to post this link to an article about the long-term problems in a town in Sweden that was in the path of the radiation plume from Chernobyl. A heavy rain washed dust from the plume to the ground and this stuff doesn’t go away.


2 thoughts on “No Immediate Risk

  1. Good thing the reactors at Fukushima can’t cause that kind of release. Chernobyl was the worst design I’ve ever seen, it was built to be cheap, not safe. While Fukushima reactors took a beating from a few hydrogen explosions, Chernobyl was the core literally fissioning and exploding like a dud nuclear bomb, that’s not the kind of thing that can happen with the kinds of reactors at Fukushima, which have been shut down since the second the quake hit. We’re fighting decay heat in Japan, not an active fission reaction.

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