So Many Opinions, So Little Time

Lots of running around with NPR 1290 on the radio– not so much paying work. I’ve got to do something about that, but I love what I’m doing. The more I learn about navigating the tangled mess of the various insurances– fiendishly complicated codes and requirements invented by bored office workers who wish they were nurses and want to punish us for having a fun job– the more material I will have for my novel. Whenever I get an idea for one and have time to take another writing class. Maybe I’ll stick to short stories.

I have been watching the Fukushima disaster, and want to write more about that, but locally a lot is happening. The Providence Police did fine work in getting the evidence for a conviction in a human trafficking case. ‘Closing the loophole’ will not accomplish this without political will and a real mission to stop trafficking, but so far, so good.

I have the front page of The Journal from a few days ago, with a picture of the Tea Party rally attended by, among others, a row of citizens in wheelchairs. Since my livelihood is serving the needs of the elderly and disabled, using gummint money, I’m wondering what direction they want for our health care system.

Nationally, the Ryan plan to replace Medicare with vouchers sounds a little like a Bush-era system where the government-funded student loan program was infested with middlemen who skimmed money and charged huge interest rates on young people just out of school. That was reformed, so more of the money goes to students. Inviting middlemen to profit from insuring elders sounds great for business, so I expect the billionaire base to come out in support. Gummint bad. Privatization good. That settles it.

Finally, the Liberty Elm is selling a lemon zest coffee cake that is very good grilled. The Cranston Urban Pond Procession is being planned to march again this year. And it’s not really that cold out today.


4 thoughts on “So Many Opinions, So Little Time

  1. Now THAT was a human trafficking case,plain and simple.
    Not a 40-something Korean legal resident making some bucks on her own volition.
    Donna Hughes is too stupid to know the difference.

  2. She’s actually very smart, and I deeply disagree with her on how to stop trafficking and who she chooses as allies. The trafficking issue is being hijacked to use as political cover for all kinds of things that are not connected to human rights.
    I feel more in tune with what Polaris Project is doing, providing a way out for people who are being coerced. I think this case started with a complaint to the police by relatives of one of the women who was trafficked.

    1. Hughes is “stupid” because she went on ad nauseum about people she’d NEVER interviewed.What kind of research is that?
      The woman who made the film happy endings(forget her name right now)at least did ground level field work.
      I realize Hughes doesn’t have a low IQ,she just acted very unprofessional.

  3. BTW Nancy,there are reasons beside health care issues that people may support the Tea Party-I am not a member,but I agree with them on a number of points.
    Health care is something I’m conflicted over-some of the bill was good and some of it was horrible.They should have approached it incrementally.

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