Good Friday

Some time ago a traveling preacher walked from town to town speaking to anyone who would listen about God and scripture and sin and salvation. He was one of many street preachers, but his words found a place in the hearts of the poor and the outcast. Soon crowds gathered wherever he appeared.

He renounced violence, but he lived in violent times. Segregation and discrimination oppressed his people, and the greater society saw them as troublemakers, if not terrorists. He had more than a few close calls, including a near-lynching, before his arrest.

His trial was fixed. Church and State had decided he needed to be gotten out of the way. The Church tried to murder his reputation and the State applied its most brutal method of execution to deter any would-be followers who might want to make him a cause.

Human nature being what it is, he still comes back and speaks his truth. He still dodges assassins, he endures a show trial, he sits in a cell, he dies. A just world where the good and innocent are not made to suffer is not the world we live in. Between noon and 3pm today many people will take time to reflect on this.


6 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. I’m not very good at waxing philosophical at Easter. Maybe it’s because of my work — I feel like I’m always trying not to be sucked into other people’s dramas, and then there’s Easter, the ultimate drama that I’m not really sure I can afford to get sucked into when there are so many tasks to be done, and then there’s just freedom to think about what I want to think about. Am I weird? I do like Easter egg hunts.

  2. Not to be harshing on your post, Nancy, which is awesome in its scope and delivery and actually did get me thinking there for a few minutes. (o:

  3. I had planned to spend the afternoon being gently melancholy, but I got asked to see a patient and got busy instead. Now I’m going to get Chinese food.

    1. Is the Hot Wok any good?That IS the place you mentioned before,isn’t it?
      You oughta try Lucky Garden om Smith North Providence on a Sat or Sun AM when they have dim sum.I notice Chinese people with NY plates there.It’s really good,not exactly cheap,but not exorbitant either.

  4. sounds good, not many places serve dim sum. gourmet house makes some steamed buns, even the vegetarian ones are good.

  5. Kings Garden on Rolfe St in Cranston is about the only other dim sum place I can think of.There was one on Broadway near the Columbus Theater but it isn’t there any more as far as i recall.

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