The Buddha on Religion

If you find yourself in the middle of a rushing river, going down for the third time, and you reach out desperately and find a raft, you better climb on it.

And you can climb on that raft, and find your way to dry land. That raft saved your life.

Will you put it on your back, and carry it forever?

6 thoughts on “The Buddha on Religion

  1. Maybe not a raft,but a person you might feel obligated to.If no one ever saved your life,you won’t understand.

    1. LOL-I spend enough time in their waiting rooms to know that.Bring a GOOD book-best advice for VA patients.
      OTOH good care takes time as the sign in the Head and Neck Tumor Clinic says.
      John Steinbeck saved my life in Vietnam.
      Not the writer,just another aircraft mechanic.
      No enemy involved,just something I missed and if he hadn’t yelled my name,I’d have been decapitated.
      As it was my shoulder got separated.
      I always hope he’s doing well.

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