The Dark Roots of Orly Taitz

Like unwanted facial hair that keeps on sprouting, Orly Taitz is back in the news with her birther conspiracy theories– now embellished to fit changing circumstances.

I’d like to know why the press is side-stepping the question we all want to ask. Does she, or doesn’t she?

Can Orly Taitz prove she is a natural-born blonde? Although her defenders will try to debunk each separate finding, the preponderance of evidence suggests that she is trying to conceal her natural color. Why? We can only assume the worst.

The following sources have asked to remain anonymous because they are afraid of Chuck Norris, so with respect for their personal safety I will protect their identities while publishing their allegations–

An immigrant from Moldova said she saw a lock of Orly’s baby hair that her mother saved in a box and it was light brown. Science tells us that babies’ hair gets darker as they grow up. It would be highly unlikely that Orly’s hair changed from brown to blonde.

An expert beautician who watched the interview on MSNBC was quoted, “It’s definitely a dye job. I think she’s got extensions too.”

A former patient claims that while immobilized in the dentist chair she had nothing else to look at except Dr. Taitz’s face, which was inches away, “Her roots were starting to show at the temples, her hair is dark, with some grey, and she fluffs it out with a ton of hair spray.”

A source who refused to be quoted directly claims he recently sold her a blonde wig.

While it’s true that many women (and more men than admit it) color their hair, Dr. Tait’s political activism leads to more ominous interpretations. I don’t yet have any, but as soon as I make some up I’ll post them.

This is for real — I just saw on that Orly Taitz’s site contains malware. I went to her site while researching this post and shortly after a pop-up window tried to install an antivirus without my invitation. I hit control-alt-delete, hope that stopped it.

UPDATE- Bill from Portland, Maine has a quote from President Obama–

“I was actually born on the planet Krypton and sent by my father, Jor-El, to save Earth.”

This contradicts the evidence that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, unless the relativistic effects of faster-than-light travel make it possible for him to arrive in Kenya before he was born on Krypton. It’s a complicated issue, but fortunately Orly Taitz is an attorney and she can explain how this pertains to Constitutional law. She is a woman of many talents and really big hair.

15 thoughts on “The Dark Roots of Orly Taitz

  1. Since she’s both a dentist and an attorney,she must be very intelligent,but after listening to her on a video,I think she sounds crazy.I really had no idea who she was until I saw the video on Drudgereport.Whew!!
    She seems like one of those people who think if the toilet paper is hung “upside down”it must be a conspiracy.
    The only conspiracy I know about for sure is my wife,son,daughter,and older grandaughter concealing facts from me that they think will raise my blood pressure.LOL.

  2. If it would be a relief to see an intelligent person speaking to this woman as she deserves to be spoken to, try the clip from Lawrence O’Donnells “The Last Word” on MSNBC yesterday.

    1. I saw that clip.BTW I really don’t care for O’Donnell either,but he isn’t crazy,just a far left extremist.
      He can’t get through a program without calling gun owners some foul names and ranting at people who don’t worship Obama or who merely support enforcement of existing immigration laws for being racists.
      I just wonder what the “complexion”of the neighborhood he lives in might be.
      He was however,correct to throw her off-she’d have been more at home in Kennedy Plaza.

  3. lets look at this new birth cert with a microscopic eye. obama changed his hosp of birth in last month—race option in 1960`s were white,asian,black. not african on govt forms. if this 3rd or 4th birth cert is good then why is obama using a fake stolen soc sec number from a deceased conn. man????

    1. In case you people have never had a child, the parents supply the race and all other information. It would only make sense for an African father to list his race as “African”. As to the Conneticut Social Security number, I was born in Florida, my sister was born in Indiana, both of our Social Security numbers start with the SAME 3 numbers. I also don’t have my original Birth Certificate, but Florida can (and DID) issue a new certificate in different formats, including a card which looks much like a credit card. Why do all of these crazy “birther people” think the FBI, CIA and White House Security Staff would let an illegal person live at the White House? By the way, where is Orly Taitz’s Birth Certificate, or rather IMMIGRATION PAPERS? I say she should go back to her own country of birth.

  4. This type of argument continues to remind me with my own experience with panic anxiety. Setting one preoccupation to rest only makes room for another that seems equally urgent, until the stress hormones settle down and the brain can work again.
    The conspiracy theorists are overlooking what is right out in the open. One of Barack Obama’s strengths is to be the voice of reason while his opponents crazy themselves into a corner.

    1. Obama the voice of reason?
      He sounds like he knows he’s in way over his head.
      He seems very incompetent,particularly in international affairs.
      He is no whiz at domestic issues either-here he was with a supermajority in Congress and couldn’t push through is programs.I’m glad he couldn’t,but still-the man is mostly rhetoric and posturing.
      This idiotic adventure into Libya would be funny if it weren’t so corrosive to America’s stature in the world.
      I truly believe Obama is a one worlder who doesn’t have his country’s back.
      All the little signs-he called himself a citizen of the world;he repeatedly apologized for this nation to absolute scum like Ortega and Chavez;he was embarrassed to wear an American flag,etc.
      He abased himself before a dirty misogynist Crown Prince or whatever in Saudi Arabia(I don’t know how that didn’t offend a like yourself.
      He treated the Dalai Lama like Black people were treated in the old days-“use the back door near the garbage cans please”to suck up to the Chinese military/inductrial complex junta.
      Yet you Nancy,seem to think Sarah Palin is a menace to society.
      Donald Trump might be a world menace if he’s ever elected,but he won’t be.
      BTW your “progressive” hero,Harold Metts had a LARGE role in defeating SSM,but you have studiously avoided criticizing him-not politically correct,I guess.

  5. I’ve seen Harold Metts testify at the State House. What makes you call him a progressive? He was literally waving a Bible. I mean ‘literally’ in the literal sense that he had an actual Bible and was waving it.
    And why do you think he’s on my fan list?

    1. Metts seems to be a solid progressive on every subject except SSM.I imagine you agree with him on illegal aliens,profiling,etc.
      his encounter with Duane Clinker on SSM was comical.Clinker was embarrassed to disagree with Metts and they were kissing up to each other while arguing about the subject.
      Metts also throws the race card every chance he gets.
      I’m actually much less concerned about SSM than he is.
      I try to worry about things that affect all of us.
      Two guys or two girls getting married won’t affect my life one iota.
      Taxes on auto repairs will.

  6. He’s not in my district, so I don’t know much about his record. I do know that Duane Clinker takes a lot of heat for trying to follow some of that New Testament preaching too literally. That is never comfortable for any established power.

    1. I don’t like preachers,priests,imams,rabbis,or any other people who try to give “spiritual guidance”.
      Each person needs to find their own way.We’re all leaving this place alone.
      Whenever I hear someone say “I’m very spitirual”I just feel like throwing up,because,really,what is that supposed to mean?
      Whatever I believe,I’ll keep it to myself.It’s not like I want to convince others to believe it.
      That applies to “spiritual”things.
      Everyday stuff is different.
      I sure try to convince people on political issues.
      Duane Clinker,who I’ve heard many(too many)times impresses me as a nasty name caller who will smear anyone who gets in his way because after all,he’s the last word on “social justice”,isn’t he?
      He’s on an ego trip.Just a left wing Elmer Gantry.
      By the way,speaking truth to power in this state means taking on the corrupt Democrat machine for the most part.
      I still support some Democrats and oppose some Republicans.
      I have a lot of respect for religious people who try to live their faith,but I fear they are lied to and used poorly by clergymen.
      Hey,I am checking out the plants and flowers my wife grows every year.The birds too.I’m not being corny or sarcastic-I see Creation in all of it.
      Winter twilight is the most “spiritual” thing I can think of.Autumn too.
      I just try not to explain things to myself about such stuff.

      1. Okay, but don’t assume I’m a supporter of Harold Metts, and I will refrain from speculating on why you think that.

      2. Don’t refrain-he’s always suspecting racism and you do also.
        And except for SSM you two are pretty much on the same side of things.OK,maybe not the Bible thumping.

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