A Good Call

President Obama has decided not to release photos of the body of Osama bin Laden.

This is a good decision for many reasons. For one, it would be beneath the dignity of the US to show a photo of a corpse, for another it would undo the gesture of burying bin Laden’s body at sea with respect for Islamic funeral customs.

There are still people who are convinced that the Apollo moon landing in 1969 was a hoax, no photograph will stop conspiracy theories, or persuade those who want to believe them.

The point of the burial at sea was to avoid creating a focal point for bin Laden’s followers. A photo would have served as a virtual shrine to rally around. I’m relieved that our country won’t hand such a propaganda tool over to those who wish us harm.

UPDATE: Sarah Palin wants the US to release the photos.

PROOF: When I worked in photofinishing in the 1970’s, using cheap 35mm film, I was able to convincingly retouch portraits and wedding photos using graphite and water based dyes. Now I have Photoshop. What kind of proof is a photo?


3 thoughts on “A Good Call

  1. What respect have Islamic terrorists ever given to any of their innocent victims’ customs?
    Does that bother you?
    He deserved the same respect the last bag of garbage I threw out deserved.
    It is good that there won’t be a shrine.
    The photo would’ve been OK.Do you think the photos of Mussolini and his mistress hanging from a framework were in bad taste?Personally I thought they were appropriate.

  2. We can’t hurt the dead, or help them either. We can hurt potential allies by trashing their religion and giving our enemies inflammatory images. Sometimes we have to think a few steps ahead.

    1. I can’t forget the majestic Buddhist shrines that were destroyed by the Islamists just because they existed.
      We’re not dealing with people who have any tolerance for different religious beliefs.They still bomb the hell out of each other over sectarian differences within Islam.
      I’m surprised you’re so unconcerned with a religion that dehumanizes women.Treats them as property.Think about it.
      I don’t need photos to prove OBL is dead.I trust the Special Ops military people to be truthful about this.
      I don’t trust politicians,but they couldn’t get away with faking it.Just my opinion,but I’m not a conspiracy buff.
      However,I still don’t think Oswald acted alone.We’ll never know anyway.

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