This Will Save You Some Money

Three women in Florida are charged with taking advantage of troubled souls.

Three women are accused in Florida with scamming people out of thousands of dollars by promising to cleanse them of evil spirits.

Federal prosecutors in Fort Lauderdale say 36-year-old Polly Evans, 32-year-old Bridgette Evans, and 22-year-old Olivia Evans are facing federal fraud charges.

Having experienced exorcism myself, as a Catholic Charismatic, and a Pentecostal, I’m not unsympathetic to their victims.

Our mental health system is not adequate to meet the needs of even the middle class and well-insured. The writer, David Foster Wallace took his own life, despite having a loving family, success and access to the best psychiatric care money can buy. How much more difficult life is for the poor and unprotected. That’s something I see often in dealing with suffering clients and harassed case managers.

It’s not only pills, docs and clinics either. There’s much in modern life that works against mental health for everyone. There’s no golden age in the past, perhaps in the future we will be more merciful.

I wish the scammers could be made to repay every penny they extorted from vulnerable people. It would be more satisfying than having the taxpayers house and feed them– I hope for such a Judgment Day.

Spiritual healing doesn’t have to cost anything and is easy enough to be a do-it-yourself project. There’s some effective home remedies that can be mixed up in your kitchen.

For removing curses– First of all, why is someone cursing you? If you have wronged them, consider how to make amends. Without making things worse. Twelve Step Programs have some experiential wisdom to offer on that.

If you don’t know where the curse if coming from, don’t worry– the answer is the same. ‘Bless them that curse you.’ It works great. It’s from the New Testament, words of Jesus.

If lots of people are cursing you all the time, follow the above link to Step 8, and maybe have a heart to heart with whichever friend or family member is still speaking to you.

For banishing ghosts– Make some noise– bells, banging on pans, Bob Marley- whatever you like, and sprinkle all the corners of all the rooms with salt water. Make sure to leave the windows open so the ghosts can fly out. Soon you’ll be dealing with irate neighbors which will put the ghost problem in perspective. Fortunately you only have to do this once, it works.

For things that haunt you in the night– One woman (cited in Z.Budapest, I think– don’t have time to look that up) got good results from squirting them with ant spray. I imagine that the humiliation caused the spirits to retreat back into the underworld. Since insecticide is hazardous in the material world, I’d recommend salt water in a spray bottle, mixed with a little citrus or vanilla.

There’s also the fact that the material world is full of dangers– many of us live in close proximity to countless hazards– violent neighbors, biting dogs, rabid raccoons, deer ticks. I’d rather face a ghost than find a deer tick on my neck, wouldn’t you? It’s all relative.

Meditate on how brave you are to make it through the day alive, and sleep well.

A final word. Experts agree that the true practice of magic forbids charging money. You can weed out the scammers pretty fast with this test. And banishing bad spirits is such a D.I.Y. there’s no need to consult an expert most of the time. If you do need to see someone, make non-greediness your standard. This applies to psychiatry as well as religion.

Thanks to Starhawk, whose books are an invaluable resource in these matters, and whose events are always offered on a sliding-fee scale.

HAUNTED: Regent University, founded by Pat Robertson and alma mater of Monica Goodling (hatchet woman of the Bush Justice Department) has possessed my computer. I dabbled in visits to the Regent site, just to get some source material for a post, and now Regent ads are popping up every five minutes. Is it possible to banish pop-up ads? Anyone know the formula for that?


10 thoughts on “This Will Save You Some Money

  1. Scammers are sociopaths.
    They don’t(can’t) change.Removal from society is necessary.
    You often seem to think no one should be imprisoned and get very worried about taxpayer expense when someone haas to get sent to the can.
    Now maybe I’m exaggerating because surely there are people even you believe should be locked up.Aside from Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby.
    I do recall however,how you were satisfied that Roman Polanski was in exile”suffering” the high life among European gliteratti.You thought it was a waste of time to imprison him and I just didn’t understand your way of thinking.He raped a 13 year old girl after drugging her.What does one have to do to go to prison in your estimation?
    These scammers won’t ever pay back the money and only death or a cell door will stop their activity.
    Aren’t exorcisms rare?How many did you see?Or are they more common among charismatic Catholics and Pentocostals?You’re putting yourself on record as a primary source here.
    I always thought exorcisms were something that happened once a decade or so.Amazing.
    One wonders how schizophrenics largely went from believing in demons to microwave mind control.Obviously microwave delusions didn’t exist before microwave technology did.
    I once spent about 2 hours listening to a very agitated schizophrenic who weighed about 350 lbs explain the whole thing to me.I finally convinced him to write me letters instead of coming into the INS office because I was a member of the secret micowave investigating unit and he was putting the operation in danger by being seen speaking with me.He was actually a nice guy,but very disturbed.It worked anyway.
    I had to take over with him because the agent he originally spoke with was telling him he was a loony tune and the guy was about to lose it.
    Why was he in the INS office with this?Because Secret Service palmed him off on us.Thanks,guys.LOL.
    My mother in law was severely schizophrenic with delusions and command hallucinations and she was dangerous.Nothing really helped.the meds for this illness are loaded with horrible side effects.Many people can’t tolerate them or wind up with tardive dyskinesia which is the old “Thorazine shuffle”.But you know that as a nurse.
    I have a close friend who ahs gotten along relatively well for years on Prolixin/Cogentin,but even those have serious side effects(her kidneys are shot)and the patient has to take the drugs regularly.

    1. Joe, interesting comment.
      However, if you keep on claiming that I– who was writing flaming letters to Michael Janusonis at the ProJo when he praised Polanski (before the internet was invented) and have been taking issue with the little weasel ever since, am sympathetic to that perp– then have fun beating up your straw men.
      If you think it’s worthwhile to send the Navy Seals to Paris to get him, then write your congressman. I’m more worried about the sex offenders in my own city.

  2. There is no such thing as curses, or ghosts, or magic. Believing in these superstitions is delusional, even when practiced in a benign way. No serious mental health practitioner should be advocating for such nonsense.

    1. I tend to agree,but if people believe something,like a curse,it can actually have an effect on them,albeit internally generated.

    2. Some of us can get by with pure rationality. Not me.
      But I keep a grain of salt handy, and practice irreverence.
      If any authority, whether witch, priest, doctor or parent, tries to exploit you, then get help.
      And God bless atheists. Someone has to talk sense.

  3. Another murder today here committed by someone who was trying to care for a relative with long-term debilitating illness.

    Caretakers need help; but it’s all being cut.

    1. What city did that happen in? I see caretaker stress all the time– it’s a sleepless, thankless job for some.
      I supervise home health aids who provide a few hours of respite for caretakers, and they deserve more pay and credit than they get. CNA’s save lives.

    1. If the Republicans run another ticket like McCain/Palin the Democrats won’t have much to worry about.

      1. You dream they will be that stupid.
        I see Gingrich is running-he is a scumbag,plain and simple-another Bill Clinton- a smart degenerate.
        I don’t know who the Republicans will run,but I think it’s more important to take the senate and have a Congress that will roadblock Obama on judicial appointments;amnesty for illegal aliens;and excessive use of Federal regulatory power.Excessive being the operative word.
        A Republican congress would also insure against treaties that can hurt the USA.
        Personally,I’d like a Daniels/Christie ticket with Alan West as Secretary of State if they win.

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