Timeline of the Alleged Crime

Daily Beast has a source who has described what happened in the hour after the alledged assault of a hotel maid by Dominique Strauss-Kahn…

The luxury-hotel maid who alleges she was sexually assaulted by Dominique Strauss-Kahn was found by a supervisor in a hallway where she hid after escaping from the former International Monetary Fund director’s room. Hotel workers described her as traumatized, having difficulty speaking, and immediately concerned about pressing charges and losing her job, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

She had to tell her story to 4 different people, 2 housecleaning supervisors and 2 from security. It took an hour to call the police. That seems like a long time, but actually is a quick response. Too many organizations delay and cover up. The Sofitel had nothing to gain but bad publicity, and the maid could possibly been persuaded not to press charges if she thought it would get her fired. The staff did the right thing.

If, as alleged, this maid is a loose woman who agreed to sex and then changed her mind, she must also be a talented actress. If she was a plant from DSK’s political enemies she must have been a master manipulator to arrange events so perfectly.

If she is somehow going to profit from this incident it looks like nothing but loss so far. She’s in hiding, unemployed and most likely her daughter is out of school. I hope that the lawyer who is prosecuting her case will help her find safe temporary housing and work. The trial will not be for six months, and she has to live her life.

UPDATE: according to AlterNet, one reason the maid didn’t have to worry about losing her job is that the Sofitel is a union shop. From what I can see, the management took a crime against an employee very seriously and reacted quickly. Institutional cover-up is so common that it’s really exemplary that the staff there called the police in time for them to catch the suspect. I had suspected that the Sofitel had a work culture of respect for their workers, and this backs it up.


5 thoughts on “Timeline of the Alleged Crime

  1. Whatever happened will be found out at trial. Motives are important to ascertain and can sometimes present as highly circumspect and open for discussion. Mr DSK has not been convicted in a court of law and as such, he remains innocent until proven otherwise.
    What I find highly troubling is the fact that $3000 was spent PER NIGHT for a hotel room. I do not at all approve of that and the distinct message I walk away with is that money is treated so wantonly by the individual responsible for international monetary matters and there were no checks or balances to question this obscene lack of regard. That is a given and does not need a trial to get you to see the facts on the ground. Flight risk? Maybe..Sociopath? How should I know, I am not a psychiatrist. But one thing is certain .. DSK should never have served a day as head of IMF.

    1. Prior behavior is significant in sexual assault cases,unlike some other crimes.
      Sex offenders don’t change.
      Tere enough indicators from various women who aren’t associated with each other to indicate this man has a real serious problem forcing himself on any woman he feels like grabbing.
      A single accusation of sexual abuse against a person of middle age like this guy without any prior history,legal or anecdotal, is usually suspect.
      As far as presumption of innocence,that term is poorly understood by most people.
      That presumption binds the legal system,including jurors and judges.
      The general public is not obligated to assume a presumption of innocence,nor are the police.

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