Storm Damage

Our good friend Sekanblogger brings us word from Joplin, Missouri, in the wake of the tornado that devastated the town on Sunday.

Yesterday, I took off from my morning job and the wife, younger daughter, her friend and I all went to Joplin and evacuated my two grandkids. Taking two vehicles, we picked up the kid’s clothes and other small personal items. Hopefully this will free up my older daughter and her husband to take care of things without worry.

After reaching Joplin, it took another hour and a half to get to her house. Most roads in were blocked, and the officers there were all from out town, so they could not tell us how or where to get in at. I only saw one person get let through, and that was because she was there to identify her son’s body. She said this so matter-of-fact like that it was shocking.

Kansas Mediocrity has photos of houses and buildings torn apart, trees down, cars buried.

We send our sympathy and support to all the people who suffered this week from the worst that nature can dish out.

3 thoughts on “Storm Damage

  1. I remember going through Joplin back in ’67 on a Trailways bus going from NYC to Wichita Falls,TX.It was a typical Midwestern town,which achieved some notoriety for a gun battle involving Bonnie and Clyde.
    This tornado just basically obliterated the place.The loss from a tornado is so devastating because buildings just literally explode from the air pressure differential caused by the rotary nature of the storms.
    I hope they find some more survivors.Maybe a lot of the “missing”are with friends or relatives out of town.I hate to think there could be that many more victims.

  2. Thanks to you all for your interest.
    Todays news puts the missing count down to 232 people. That’s quite a relief, as initially they were missing 1,500.

  3. The pictures are shocking. I don’t know what to say– such destruction so suddenly. I hope you are okay, and that Joplin won’t see anymore weather like that for a long time.

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