Tornado Watch

Wednesday, June 1, 6:45pm–Heavy rain and hailstones as big as chick peas. At the laundromat the TV is showing pictures of wrecked houses in Springfield, I noticed a woman grooving on the excitement. I don’t know why we love other people’s disasters so much. Human nature I guess.

What a start to the official first day of hurricane season.

It’s been tough adjusting to the instant July, humidity included, especially after we didn’t have Spring. It all depends on which way the wind blows, now it’s from the South.

The National Hurricane Center has a map of the Atlantic seaboard with frequently updated storm tracks. There are two off Florida now, but they don’t look severe. The prediction is for an active season.

THE DAY AFTER: Here’s the ABC News report. Four dead, dozens injured, houses down in West Springfield and surrounding towns. The video is shocking to watch, parts of Springfield were devastated. In the 80’s we had a very stormy summer and tornadoes swept through downtown Providence. This summer is starting off hot and humid, instant July after a Spring of March. feels crazy.


4 thoughts on “Tornado Watch

  1. So scary to see how the tornado picked up parts of the river and swept them into the chaos…and then when it hits the land and what looks like cars are picked up like nothing. Humbling to think how close this was and how much we are all at risk.

    1. Back in the 80’s a tornado came right down Broad St. and wound up becoming a waterspout in the Providence harbor.
      Amazingly,there was only minimal damage and no injuries.
      It was a small tornado.
      I had noticed the greenish-gray sky shortly before it hit.
      I got that sense of an impending tornado from my days living in Illinois.There’s nothing quite as bad and I’ve been in some serious hurricanes-they don’t compare.

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