Agent Orange

From Yahoo News…

HANOI, Vietnam – Vietnam on Friday started the first phase of a joint plan with former enemy the United States to clean up environmental damage leftover from the chemical defoliant Agent Orange, a lasting legacy from the Vietnam War.

The work concentrates on a former U.S. military base in central Vietnam where the herbicide was stored during the war that ended more than three decades ago. It marks the first time the two sides will work together on the ground to clean up contamination.

The comments section has passionate and informed opinions from American veterans and families who also deal with the effects of dioxin, the known poison that magnified the lethality of Agent Orange.

Can we learn anything from this terrible history? Can we do justice today, and consider future generations who pay so dearly for our wars and greed? Can we do right by our own veterans and let all of us pay the price when we put our youth in harm’s way?

So far we have not learned. Depleted uranium left behind in Iraq is blamed for a rise in birth defects and childhood cancers, our troops were also exposed. Eventually the denials won’t hold up. This history is one reason the public is sceptical when scientists, politicians and corporations share a common interest in damage control.

One thought on “Agent Orange

  1. Although that stuff essentially f**ked up my life to a considerable degree and killed quite a few guys I knew,I don’t believe they knew how bad it was until later.
    That is when the real crime occured-they covered it up for a long time and denied,denied,denied.
    Finally,Jesse Brown,Clinton’s VA Secretary cut through the BS.
    Later on,he died from one of the cancers it caused.
    He was Clinton’s best appointment in my book.Of course,I’m not neutral about this.
    I have a real dislike for Michelle Bachmann because she suggested a cut in VA health care and a reduction in VA disability pensions(we haven’t gotten a COLA in 2 years anyway).
    She lost her nerve and reversed course when the veterans’ groups went after her.But we got her number.
    FWIW Obama tried to screw with VA health care shortly after taking office and got his fingers singed.
    Neither he nor Bachmann had any skin in the game.
    As much as a disappointment Clinton was(I did vote for him the first
    time)he didn’t take a dump on veterans who had no say in what the government did with them during the war.
    It’s hard for some people to understand-when you’re in the service the government has a blank check on your a**.
    NONE of the wars we’re in now are worth one more American life(or those who get caught in the middle either)and we need to get out and let the chips fall where they may.
    We can still track down and kill Al Qaeda operatives without massive troop committments.
    We have people who signed on for the “sharp end”of that mission and we should utilize their skills judiciously.
    We can probably disengage with the Taliban,but there can be no dialogue with hardcore terrorists.
    Just a few thoughts since you got the ball rolling.

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