Coffee Break

It’s said that Rhode Island is the birthplace of the diner, and the Liberty Elm keeps the tradition alive. I’m between Warwick and Providence today, so I get to stop off on Elmwood Ave.

Today there’s lime and coconut muffins ( for some reason that rings a bell with me) that are really good grilled with butter. It looks like it’s going to pour any minute, but when the sun comes back out the Liberty will have outdoor dining, with a scenic view of the train tracks out back and the RIPTA bus depot across the street.

Support your locals, folks.

Live at the Liberty

3 thoughts on “Coffee Break

  1. Too bad they got rid of the trackless trolleys-quiet,clean,ran forever-we had ’em in Brooklyn also-we used to ride the back by grabbing the pole retriever “cans”.The drivers would sometimes stop and shoo us off.
    One of my friends was a bus driver who got assigned to trackless trolleys(he was older than me)and shortly after,he drove right off the wire because he forgot he had no engine.
    Anyway,those vehicles were “green”before their time.

  2. They just might come back, along with insulation and opening windows for a cross breeze in the summer. Who would have thought that our streets would be clogged with bikers of all ages?

    1. Maybe there’s hope for trolley cars to come back.
      In spite of the digital age,there was something to be said for growing up in the 40’s-50’s-60’s.
      Why?Plenty of bad stuff back then to be sure.
      But-time to think.
      We are being challenged about that.We are expected to react faster than it takes to read this.Not good.

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