Reasonable Doubt

The new information from today’s New York Times (thanks, Observer for the comment) reveals associations and possibly criminal activity in the victim’s past.

Living a life that makes you need to stay away from the law and under the radar does not make you less vulnerable to crime, including rape. But the standard for conviction is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and that will be much harder to prove without a credible witness.

It will be a tough call for the jury, but that’s where this will be decided.


3 thoughts on “Reasonable Doubt

  1. Yes. I think that he really did assault her, but by the standard of reasonable doubt he will almost certainly be found not guilty.
    The legal expenses on her part will be huge, will her lawyer even stay with the case?
    It’s interesting that DSK’s expensive lawyers didn’t find out the facts– it’s the New York DA’s office and they did the right thing by disclosing what they had to by law.
    DSK’s lawyers are doing nothing so far except leaking through sources to tabloids.

    1. The latest allegation is that she was working part time as a prostitute.Who knows?
      BTW,it is required to turn exculpatory material over to the defense(“Brady” is the precedent case).
      I once had a case of a double shooting(non-fatal)where exculpatory evidence turned up prior to trial.The prosecutor wasn’t thrilled when I presented it to him,but what could he say?It was an obligation to reveal it.
      The case detective had no way of knowing it existed and I came across it almost by accident during a narcotics investigation unrelated to the shooting.
      The defendant was acquitted of three of the five charges against him.The “victims”were a pair of scumbag hoodlums and the shooter was a pretty decent guy.Long story.It was almost a bernard Goetz situation,but received little notice because everyone involved was Hispanic,hene no juicy race card for the media.

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