Betty Ford

Betty Ford has died, a long-term survivor of breast cancer and outspoken advocate for people with addiction. She was a person in her own right when political handlers would have liked a demure helpmate to her husband. But Gerald and Betty seemed to truly love each other. She wasn’t his shadow, or there just for the cameras.

She underwent a mastectomy, endured 1970’s era cancer treatment, and lived to the age of 93.

She stood up for women by just being real. Thank you, Betty Ford, you served your country well.

2 thoughts on “Betty Ford

  1. Thanks, Nancy. We need to call more attention to the unsung accomplishments of women. Politics in particular is way too dominated by men.

  2. I agree that women should be on an equal footing in politics.
    On this site I regularly see vicious attacks on women in politics who don’t follow the “progressive”party line.
    I’d vote for a woman like Margaret Thatcher for President in a NY minute.

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