Air-Conditioned Hell

As I mentioned in a previous post on working as a motel maid, the shock of stepping from a hot concrete walkway into a stuffy, refrigerated room has put me off air-conditioning.

The good side of that is that I have the windows open and fans bringing in outside air. The bad part is that the outside air is humid and hot.

Everyone has a different tolerance. I’m glad that the elderly I visit universally have air conditioning. Especially those with respiratory disease. That wasn’t the case a few years ago. And some people really suffer from the heat, why be miserable?

If you can tolerate it, though, you can do a lot with window fans, ventilation and shades. One less box spewing hot air on a summer’s day, one less buzzing machine in the city. Many of us live in older houses that were built to take advantage of the seasons– sun in the winter, shade in the summer. One opportunity for conservation is simply to use the old, built-in natural heating and cooling in our houses.

Here’s a link to one of the many sites that show how to place fans for maximum comfort.

9 thoughts on “Air-Conditioned Hell

  1. I resisted A/C untillast year when my wife finally prevailed on me to get a unit for the bedroom.We usually use it as a very pwoerful window fan.
    However,oh really hot humid days or nights,I gotta say it’s alright.
    I had to have some electrical work done to make it practical and safe because of the weird circuit setup in my old house.
    My whole upstairs was on one circuit.Now I ahve a dedicated circuit for the A/C and a space heater if it’s ever needed(as well as the tv whih uses very little in amps).

    1. that’s one reason I don’t have A/C. my house was built in 1918. I use compact flourescents too, they don’t create so much heat.

      1. I use the compact fluourescents too-but they don’t really last as long as they claim-they sure don’t heat up much,though.

  2. This past couple of weeks, the temp here has been 100 to 106.
    Just the temp, not the heat index.
    I’m glad I don’t live any further south, or north for that matter!

    1. How do you make it through the day? I get hot driving around if it’s in the high 80’s.
      I hope the midwest gets better weather soon.

      1. Nancy-our buddy in Kansas has a continental climate to contend with and we have a marine climate.I’ll take the latter in a NY minute.

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  4. Yeah, Joe, the Atlantic is like an open window. Not so great in the spring when it’s cold and damp, but great in the summer.

    1. I lived in the Midwest-the Atlantic or any really large body of water moderates temps all year long(even when the raw wind makes that hard to believe).
      I was near enough to Lake Michigan to experience a semi-continental climate.
      Sekanblogger is in a place with no moderators.

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