Murdoch Whistleblower Found Dead

Not suspicious. Sean Hoare was known to be a drug user. But there is a back story…

As a showbusiness reporter, he had lived what he was happy to call a privileged life. But the reality had ruined his physical health: “I was paid to go out and take drugs with rock stars – get drunk with them, take pills with them, take cocaine with them. It was so competitive. You are going to go beyond the call of duty. You are going to do things that no sane man would do. You’re in a machine.”

While it was happening, he loved it. He came from a working-class background of solid Arsenal supporters, always voted Labour, defined himself specifically as a “clause IV” socialist who still believed in public ownership of the means of production. But, working as a reporter, he suddenly found himself up to his elbows in drugs and delirium.

Reporter and whistleblower in life, now he is the story. What next?

Already major political players are being put to shame by their reciprocal relationships with their yellow press. John Yates is the second high- ranking officer in Scotland Yard to resign over the scandal. Read it here. It’s so intertwined that you need graphics to track the connections between the Murdoch media corps, the British police and the British government.

2 thoughts on “Murdoch Whistleblower Found Dead

  1. Being a whistleblower is a hard thing to do i know im a whistleblower.I posted two weeks ago on youtube just part of my case it is under (OSHA Whistleblower) it is in four parts.The videos do not even cover how i was retaliated against with proof given to OSHA.If you view them please understand im tired and close to the end.There is so much more to this case then i could put in the videos as where the company sent into a sunoco refinery a second lift from the group of four i locked out unsafe and OSHA had complete proof.Im telling you there are some money and power involved here so please watch the videos to the end.
    There is no whistleblower protection.
    Gregg S

  2. A druggie rolls a seven.-yawn-
    More interesting is the bizarre story of the 32 year old woman found hanged,nude,and with her hands and feet bound(hands behind her back).
    This in a famous old mansion owned by a drug industry CEO who was her boyfriend.
    It occured a day after the CEO’s 6 year old son was found fatally injured(he died yesterday)after a fall downstairs while in her care.
    In between there was apparently a “loud party”.
    Technically it’s possible for a person who is very agile to commit suicide in that manner,as the police haven’t ruled it out.
    The woman appeared to be slim and in good shape,but still-this has gotten very little coverage despite the prominence of the mansion’s owner in a high profile industry.
    I guess once the vulture Nancy Grace gets going it’s off to the races.
    Why was Murdoch’s crew hacking the phones of private citizens-I haven’t really paid that much attention to the story.If someone hacked my phone they’d be REALLY bored.

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