Cooling Centers

Providence and Woonsocket have opened libraries, pools and water parks for anyone who needs to cool down. predicts a high of 97. Still and humid besides.

If you are able to postpone any of your driving, consider it a public service. Likewise yardwork and chores. I’m trying to get my visits done early because my car is gonna be hot.

RIPTA says buses are free today, and has a list of all the precautions to take to avoid heat sickness.

We’re used to snow days, how about taking a sun day when it’s like this?

One thought on “Cooling Centers

  1. This may sound weird,but I’m drinking hot coffee right now,which i always do when its this kind of weather-it makes you sweat,which is really good in balancing your temperature.
    We had this kind of heat all the time in Vietnam and I was engaged in prety strenuous labor most of the time(aircraft maintenance)so it was important to keep hydrated and sweat.
    We had heat casualties all the time from airmen being non-acclimated to the conditions.And these were young,physically fit people.
    Inside an aircraft revetment,made of 20 foot corrugated steel walls filled with sand and blacktop surface(NO shade)the temps probably hit 130 degrees-I never really checked,but it was within reason given the ambient temps outside were over a hundred during the day and not much lower at night.

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