Norway’s Oklahoma City

Violence against innocent people, who knows why? Criminals always have their reasons, but it never makes sense. With so much hate it’s easy for murder to hide in plain sight.

One man, it seems, took ninety-one lives. Not only by the impersonal crime of bombing, but with a gun.

It will never make sense. Our condolences go to a country whose peace was violated.


5 thoughts on “Norway’s Oklahoma City

  1. It seems like a lot for one person acting alone to carry out.It wouldn’t shck me to learn he had accomplices.
    It seems he had a grudge with Muslims,yet he massacred Norwegians who apparently weren’t Muslims.
    I know it’s hard to apply reasoned thinking to someone like this but why didn’t he bomb and or shoot up a mosque during prayers?
    I am certainly not suggesting such a horrible thing,but asking why did he turn on his “own”?
    Norway has come hardcore neo-nazis BTW.
    Reminds me of the neo-nazi in Ohio,Frank Spisak,who murdered an Irish Christian janitor because he thought the guy was a Jew.Fortunately they executed Spisak so he won’t be repeating his act.

  2. I’ve done a little quick checking and found that Norway has very strict gun control laws-far mor restrictive then anything here in the USA.A lot of good that did.
    Also,I heard or read(forget which now)that the man charged in the mass killing is facing a maximum of 21 years’ incarceration.
    He kills almost a hundred innocent people and can be out and about at age 53.That is insane.
    I know people like Nancy abhor the death penalty,but anyone with common sense at all should agree that this man should never be free again.
    Hopefully the info I am referring to is wrong,but i fear it isn’t.
    Is this the “superior”European culture that “klaus” and Bill Maher are always promoting over ours?

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