Toxic Debt Ceiling Collapses on US Elderly

AARP released a statement about the newly passed legislation on the debt ceiling. While in the first two paragraphs, it’s clear they are trying to be nice, by the third paragraph, they are getting down to business about what is wrong with this legislation. From the statement:

“We are relieved that Congress has acted on a bipartisan agreement to address the debt ceiling and prevent default to ensure that seniors will continue to receive their Social Security checks and have access to health care. We are also gratified that after hearing from millions of AARP members, the President and Congress did not cut Social Security, Medicare and long-term care in the first round of deficit reduction.

“Going forward, we are pleased that Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare benefits are protected if the so-called “super committee” fails to reach an agreement later this fall, but we will remain vigilant in our efforts to protect the health and retirement security of seniors and future retirees. We are concerned that a fast-track committee process will deny Americans a voice in the discussion about critical tax, health and retirement issues. We also are concerned about the potential use of a trigger that would arbitrarily cut provider payments under Medicare, which could unfairly shift costs to seniors.

“Seniors have worked their entire lives to achieve a level of health and economic security in retirement. As the deficit debate continues, AARP will continue to impress upon Congress the need to protect Medicare and Social Security from harmful cuts. With the compounded effect of loss of retirement savings and home equity, high unemployment and rising health care costs, cuts to the benefits seniors have earned could undermine the standard of living of not just those with limited incomes, but middle class seniors who have median incomes of only $18,500.

“AARP will continue to raise the voices of millions of Americans who rely on their Social Security and Medicare benefits and oppose benefit cuts for deficit reduction. Americans want a broader conversation around health and economic security, not one focused solely on deficit reduction.

“AARP believes that the American public deserves a seat at the table in any forum, including the newly created super committee, that discusses potential changes to these critical programs. We believe that our nation’s leaders should work together to strengthen health and retirement security for current and future generations.”

Who is going to be on this “Super Committee”? Is this “Super Committee” going to supplant Congress? How many seats on the Super Committee are going to be reserved for the already-super-influential corporations?


2 thoughts on “Toxic Debt Ceiling Collapses on US Elderly

  1. The “super committee”is,to my understanding,to be composed of six members of Congress from each party.
    You can only be sure of ONE thing-no moderates will be on it.
    I can see it now-DeMint,Rand Paul,Bachmann,Steve King,Jason Chaffetz,Bob Johnson vs.Gerrold Nadler,Barney Frank,Johhn Conyers,Maxine Waters,Sheldon Whitehouse,and Tom Harkin.

  2. An idea to save money and SS,Medicare/Medicaid:Bring the troops home from Afghanistan,Iraq,Germany,Korea,Sinai and Bosnia.
    Keep a strong Navy and Air Force,and Marine Corps,with a reduced, more specialized Army geared to tactical strikes.
    We’ll still need infantry and armored cavalry though-deployed to OUR southern border,not defending Kharzai and his Afghan drug cartel.
    Our southern border is like an open sore.Spare me the Emma Lazarus poetics-we have a huge problem down there.
    Don’t sign me up for Stone Soup-I just don’t believe in wasting the lives of our men and women on no exit strategy military adventures.
    We can still kill Al Qaeda targets when the need arises.

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