Verse for Governor Rick Perry

Some improving words from the Bible–

12And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, 13And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

5 thoughts on “Verse for Governor Rick Perry

  1. I make it a practice,if you’ve ever noticed to never use a Biblical quote.
    It’s because I’m not a Bible reader or particularly a believer in it as a holy book imbued with some otherworldly authority and wisdom.
    I do like to recite the 18th and 23rd Psalms because they resonate with me-I can’t necessarliy put it in words why and anyway,it doesn’t matter why.
    I did read the Book of Revelation andit was sure thought-provoking.It’s not like I took it literally,but still its kind of prescient.
    Now you quote Scripture to go after Rick Perry’s prayer event.I personally couldn’t care if he holds one every day-i’m not going,and those who want to should be able to.
    Actually it isn’t even HIS event.No taxpayer funds involved,yet the crybabies like “Reverend”Barry Linn are having conniption fits over it.
    I’m not sure,Nancy,why you go with the Bible pasages when you say you’re a Pagan.Nothing better or worse about being a Pagan than anything else.
    I know you are also a Unitarian-can a Unitarian also be non-Christian?.This isn’t a trick question.
    Arfe there different kinds of Unitarians?My friend’s wife is one and with her it just sounds like an ordinary church like Episcopal or Luttheran or something.I don’t think she actually ever goes-she was just born into it.

  2. Well, I figure I paid my dues as far as the Bible, having warmed a pew for three years at Apponaug Pentecostal and being told on Biblical grounds that I’m going to hell. I read the Bible intensively for all those years and it’s clear to me that a lot of what passes as Christian is very far from what is written in scripture.
    Unitarians have a church but no creed. We have instead a set of principles. You have to fly right or you will hear about it, but you can fly Buddhist, Christian or even atheist as long as your actions are ethical. Each Unitarian church has a powerful congregation, we elect our ministers and some congregations are more Christian than others.
    My only basis of comparison is the Catholic Church of my youth. The Unitarian members have more active responsibility and power in choosing the shape and focus of their churches.
    I am not totally snarky about the Bible. I really think that the Bible is being mis-read and mis-used by political players, and that’s a disgrace. Just pick it up and flip to any random page and you will probably see something that doesn’t fit into anyone’s agenda.

    1. My father used to talk up the Ethical Culture Society in NY when I was younger.
      For all his going on about it,it just sounded like atheism to me.
      He was an atheist and although he was technically Jewish he never observed a single facet of that religion that I know of.
      The only real Jew in our house was my mom’s mother and she didn’t prech to others-she just was observant on her own.
      I actually got bar-mitzvahed because she was living and I respected and loved her.Otherwise you couldn’t have gotten me into a synagogue with a prybar.
      I may have been a hypocrite for going through the ceremony,but I was just a kid and wouldn’t have wanted her to feel hurt.
      I didn’t understand one word I was saying.
      My older grandaughter has a Baptist mother who never attends church and my son has beliefs which are a total mystery to me-he will never discuss them(or much else).
      My daughter is conventionally Episcopal and her husband nominally Catholic,and with all this mishmash,we NEVER have “religious”disputes.
      I suspect my wife is after me to find Christ,but I love her anyhow.

  3. And there are more than a few passages in the New Testament that suggest that Jesus did not appreciate people who like to pray in front of an audience.

    1. You don’t need the Bible to know that.
      A prayer is a private message to whatever is out there overseeing it all.
      I don’t,however,look down on peple who feel better praying in a group.
      It’s an individual preference.

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